A Dark Interlude: Comic Book Review

A Dark Interlude: Comic Book Review

Writer: Ryan O’Sullivan
Pencils/Inks: Andrea Mutti
Colours: Vladimir Popov
Letters: Deron Bennett (Andworld Design)
Covers: Ariela Kristantina, Rebekah Isaacs, Kurt Michael Russell, Tim Daniels and Caspar Wijngaard.
Publisher: Vault Comics

Once More into the Fearscape

It’s no secret that Fearscape was the top of my favourite comic of recent years. Everyone knows it. When I found out that we were getting what is certainly and categorically not a sequel, I began my wait with baited breath. Unsurprisingly and true to form, A Dark Interlude didn’t let me down.

A Dark Interlude 

A Dark Interlude is a stand-alone spin-off follow-up, chaser, but certainly NOT a sequel to the faultless Fearscape (2018). As such, fans of Fearscape and newcomers alike have something to enjoy. The colours and lines are as elegant as I remember them thanks to Andrea Mutti and Vladimir Popov, and the pair transport us right back into the depths of Fearscape; a dimension filled with humanity’s greatest fears. Luckily for us though, Henry Henry (disgraced author, plagiarist, notorious Twitter user), is not out spiritual guide this time around, Instead, it’s to be someone a little different…

Dear Reader

As a concept, I adore A Dark Interlude’s take. The story is penned by author Henry Henry from a psychiatric facility in response to the breaking news of his prior indiscretions. That trademark arrogant but irresistible self-importance is ever present. This time, however, we readers are not spared…and I love it. Who doesn’t want to get dragged by a comic?

Unsurprisingly, Ryan O’Sullivan floors me time and again with the way he crafts his words. I’ll try and keep a lid on it, but no promises. There is no doubt that without his signature tone, A Dark Interlude would be a very different piece of work. Who knew someone explaining the syllables of a name could elicit so much in you? Masterful stuff. Funny, witty, and full of emotion, the narration and dialogue is in the safe hands of Deron Bennett. That is to say that Deron’s lettering puts everything exactly where it needs to be, adding yet another layer of detail that helps A Dark Interlude secure its place at the top of my recommendation list. 

Terror Forming

To call A Dark Interlude a triumph is a predictable understatement. With the crew back together, it was no wonder this comic was so good. If Fearscape was a sellout success, A Dark Interlude won’t be far behind. 


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