A ‘Dino-mite’ time with Zavvi and the new Primal Collection- Valks on tour!

Zavvi’s new Primal collection inspired by Jurassic Park

Monday 19th August was certainly not a normal night for the Valksquad! We had been invited to a top-secret location in Manchester by Emily the content and social executive at Zavvi.  What were we going to Manchester for? Well! We were off to celebrate the launch of the new exclusive new range of clothing, the Primal Collection, inspired by the ever classic masterpiece Jurrasic Park. 

So we headed over to the King Street Townhouse, which by the way, is swanky as heck and were greeted with some Jurrasic Park themed cocktails, snazzy decor and plates upon plates of pizza and burgers! But not forgetting, a display of the gorgeous new range of Jurassic Park themed T-shirts! 


1080x1080 -7
The ‘clever girl’ cocktail

The Event

The night consisted of a few drinks, some food, a screening of the original Jurassic Park and a Q and A afterwards with one of the new Primal Collection’s designers Mark Bell, film critics and industry professionals. The venue featured a wine cellar/ screening room with some of the plushest comfiest chairs ever, it was like watching Jurassic Park on a cloud.

The designer Mark Bell could not have loved the project more and you can see that in his designs and work. He is a dedicated hardcore Jurassic Park fan and his designs are phenomenal!

1080x1080 -6
Designer and Dinosaur enthusiast Mark Bell

The gang were kind enough to make us all up some goodie bags to take home that included a T-shirt from the new range, a mug and a limited edition run art print. That print is going pride of place on my wall! Thank you again for having us over we had an absolute blast and we can wait to check out the next event! 

Valks leader and founder, Heather
Valks editor and big Ian Malcom fan Georgie


Style, uh finds a way 

Interested in picking up something from the range? I don’t blame you! You can find it all here.

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