God of War: The Card Game is on the Cards..

God of War: The Card Game

Ragnarök is coming

The fate of all existence is at stake.. again. The Norns, mystical beings of great power, have decided they will not go quietly into oblivion and have turned their attention to the well of Fate, Urðr, in order to find any possible way to stop Ragnarök. Looking deep into the swirling waters, they can foresee which potential combination of heroes, villains, battles, victories, and defeats might stop the end of all that is known — but will they find the right combination in time? Is there any true path to salvation at all? They must hurry and seek the true way through, before all is lost.


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Whats the aim of the game?

In God of War: The Card Game, players take on the role of the Norns, as they try different combinations of heroes and events in order to try and prevent Ragnarok. This results in each game being a new attempt to find the right combination to save Midgard from its untimely demise! In God of War: The Card Game players must work together, embodying mighty heroes such as Kratos, Mimir, Brok, Sindri, Atreus and my personal fave, Freya! Together they fight enemies and bosses you will recognise from the popular God of War video game series, but combined and remixed in new ways to create more unique encounters and scenarios! 

The Mechanics

Each quest in God of War: The Card Game is made up of a mosaic of cards that recreate monsters and locations from the video game. Each quest’s mosaic is different, and each card is double-sided, depending on whether a section has been destroyed or not, and each has special rules that go into effect when it is face up on the tabletop. Learning how each quest is won, as well as what strategy to employ, is key to victory.

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As players progress, earlier quests have an effect on what comes after them. At certain points along their path, players must choose which quest they will complete. Completing one might grant a bonus, but quests left untouched result in dire permanent consequences as the players move forward. These choices and challenges lead to new strategies, making it so no two games of God of War: The Card Game are alike.

With multiple heroes from which to choose, numerous ways to build their deck, and various different quests to attempt, each game of God of War: The Card Game will be a new experience that will echo throughout eternity.

There is no firm release date set yet for God of War: The Card Game, but we’ll keep you up to date as the information comes in! You can now pre-order your copy of God of War: The Card Game now! Clicking the picture below with take you to 365 Games where you can pre-order your copy through our affiliation link! 


God of War: The Card Game


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