A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio

Created by Luciano and Nicolás Ornetti 

Cast: Patricia Arizmendi, Adrián Barriopedro, Claudia Beattie

Digital Platforms: iTunes, Amazon and Google.

Rod, a radio DJ, hosts a popular horror-themed show packed with tales of terror for eager listeners. When he receives alarming calls from a horrified child things start to feel off. From a woman with a dark secret to a hairdresser determined to be the best to a home invasion with a small child lured in by balloons and a smiling face, to prey become the predator. Whilst Rod spins us these dark, gruesome yarns, something dark is unfolding right there in the radio station. 


Things are deeply unsettling from the off. The first instalment of this new horror anthology is dark, bloody and unsettling. Unsettling is exactly the word I would use to describe A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio in its entirety. 

Some of the shorts I felt had such promise  I would have liked to have seen more, seen these concepts expanded further. But there were some that did not quite hit the mark, and some that to be fair were just creepy as hell, in particular The Smiling Man (A.J. Briones) yeeesh. 

Fitting 8 short films into one anthology is a tall order and whilst they do not feel forced in, there are certainly some that would have benefitted from some extra showtime. But something that A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio does offer is a taste of many little horror stories. So like a good horror all you can eat, you can experience a whole host of different stories being told by different people. Some who you may have not heard of before/ works you have not seen. I do like this kind of format and would like to see more, the showcasing of talent from all over the world without the need for blockbuster budgets is certainly a concept I can support!

Something for everyone

The anthology is undoubtedly enjoyable, there is something in there sure to suit all horror tastes, from demons to mythical creatures and to the monsters that reside right inside you and me. However, there is a lack of connection between these films, and whilst this is a selection of horror tales being told by handsome Rod, I do think there would have been a greater impact if they tied together. Whether that was a theme or even just a small cleaver thread that links it all altogether.  A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is out today, and it is a great watch for a dark, stormy night! 

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