Another Sight Review

Another Sight Review

Developer: Lunar Great Wall Studios
Publisher: Fish Eagle
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC



Another Sight is the new platform, puzzle adventure from Italian Indie Developer Lunar Great Wall Studios. Released on PC on 6th September and coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It features our two main characters a young girl named Kit and a fluffy ginger cat called Hodge in an adventure through a Subterranean Late Victorian London.

The story begins with our protagonist, Kit, waking up alone in a cave. Big steampunk- esque gears in the background. Standing up and starting to move through the cave, you can see Kit is confused as to where she is and how she got there.

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Queue a second fall and Kit ends up even deeper underground. Coming round after her fall she discovers something isn’t quite right, her vision is practically gone. Barely able to see, she stumbles upon our second playable character Hodge the cat. Our characters find themselves in an underground building site, with discarded steels and signs scattered around. Starting to make their way through the level there’s the usual handy tutorial. Which teaches you the basic movements and the abilities of each character. We wander through what seems to be a destroyed Waterloo station then down into the sewers. You would be forgiven for thinking you were actually playing through the novel Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. There is a sinister feeling in the air and the smell of sewage all around. You can definitely see their inspiration here.

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There are some really clever puzzles, each calling for the use of co-operation from both characters, making up for each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The mechanic of having to play both characters is great. It adds a bit of variety to your usual single player platformer making each puzzle require a little more thinking than which ledge do I jump to next? It does seem a shame that the game isn’t local co-op as well.  Maybe that is something for the future? Flipping between characters got a little bit confusing at times. There were countless occasions where controlling the wrong character I’d run off a ledge and find myself back at the last checkpoint. But you do get the hang of it quite quickly.

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As platformers go there aren’t any really “tricky” levels. The puzzles themselves are all pretty easy to figure out and a few do become a bit samey after a while. To complete some of the puzzles you end up going backward and forwards and up and down ladders a lot. This is where one of my dislikes of the game came from. For a good majority of each level, the characters are separated and you do end up going back over the same ground quite a lot. With Kit’s reduced movement speed and without Hodge there to guide her, this does get a little tiresome after a while.

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One thing I really enjoyed about the game was the great selection of NPCs we get introduced to. The studio has really researched their history here and added some contemporary famous figures into the story in a creative way. Along her journey Kit meets the likes of Claude Monet, Debussy, and Jules Verne. Each character we meet is in a world based on their talent and works.


These levels were by the far the nicest to play through because the visuals do not disappoint. From the bright colours in Monet’s garden to deep ocean greens in the Nautilus you can tell that Lunar Great Wall has put a lot of thought and time into the development and polishing of the graphics. With a beautiful orchestral scored soundtrack and great voice acting, little things that can be missed out by indie developers, Another Sight makes for a great auditory experience to go along with the visuals. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this game could even have been produced by one of the AAA developers, no attention to detail is spared.

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Bringing everything together makes for a really emotive game, you really start to empathise with Kit. She’s scared, alone, can barely see and is desperate to get home. The more you learn of her story, the more you wonder how and why she has ended up where she is. With various cryptic clues revealed by some of the other characters, you can start to put a picture together, or can you? The game definitely gives you the feeling of Alice in Wonderland, with Kit falling down her own “rabbit hole” and the journey trying to get back home. Kit herself even seems to be styled on Alice with her long blonde hair and knee length dress.

Final Thoughts

For me, the biggest let down for this game is the ending. Without wanting to give anything away it ends rather abruptly, but left me wanting more. I didn’t actually realise I had finished the game until the credits began to roll. From a game that had given so much the whole way through, it just seemed like a bit lacklustre. My biggest unanswered question, where did Hodge go?

All in all, Another Sight is a great game. Apart from a few bugs, when switching between a cut scene and the start of the next level, the game play was really smooth. Each level nicely transitioned into the next taking you on a great journey. Without encountering any puzzles that make you want to tear your hair out or throw your controller through the screen, you come to the ending definitely having enjoyed yourself. For a debut title, Lunar Great Wall has definitely outdone themselves and have certainly gone down on my list of ones to watch! You can see the love and passion that has gone into this game, and I think that always makes a difference. 

Do I think you’ll like this game? If you are a fan of Limbo or Portal then my answer is yes, and would I recommend this game? It’s got a ginger cat in it… Who wouldn’t?

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