Avengers Endgame theories, predictions, hopes and dreams

We’re in the endgame now.

And I am NOT ready. I am not ready in the slightest to watch Avengers Endgame. Infinity War nearly ended me, so what will Endgame do? I dread to think!

But, what helps, for some weird reason, is theorising and trying to predict what will happen in Endgame. Maybe it gets me semi-used to the idea of the Avengers dying, of the absolute worst happening, I don’t know.

Either way, I thought I’d share with you some of my predictions! But don’t worry, I won’t be mentioning anything mentioned in any interview/seen from set pictures – this all comes from interest theories, the comics, and my own obsessed brain!


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So, here we go, here are my spoiler-free predictions for Endgame:

Loki is still alive.

Now, before you say anything about me being an obsessed Loki stan (which I am, I’ve even been wearing a ‘Loki’s army’ ring for about 4 years straight now), this prediction is actually based off of other internet theories! First of all – Loki is a demi-god, he’s pretty hard wearing. He survived getting Hulk smashed in Avengers Assemble, and being stabbed in The Dark World, how can a little neck squeeze kill him? It’s just not likely, I refuse to believe that that could be Loki’s end! Also, let’s remember, he disappeared after he said “we have a Hulk” for FOUR MINUTES. Count it next time you watch Infinity War – he definitely disappears for four minutes, now where did he go? It’s perfectly possible that he escaped the ship in those four minutes, leaving behind a clone, or a mirror image of himself, for Thanos to kill instead. Especially when he used his left hand when trying to stab the Mad Titan, while he’s usually right-handed. All I’m saying here is that the last time Loki used his left hand, it was in The Dark World, right before he got stabbed. Who’s to say he’s learned to clone himself and disappear, so he appears dead to his enemies? The only giveaway is that he suddenly changed dominate hands…

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Loki, I love you but god have a shower!

Wakanda cloud storage 

Gamore, Vision, and everyone else who got dusted will come back. It’s perfectly possible that Shuri ‘backed up’ Vision onto the Wakandan cloud system or something, he is part machine after all. And with all their tech, I’m sure that they could easily print him back off again! As for Gamora, I refuse to believe that it’s her and Nebula who deal the killing blow to Thanos. They deserve it more than anyone else, also, the look on Thanos’ face when his favourite, most loved, child, kills him would be an absolute picture, and would go a long way in healing the wounds of watching her die last year. Remind me to bill Marvel Studios for my therapy.


On a darker note

Tony, Steve, and Thor will all die. Their contracts are up, they’re the Big Three, the ones who started the Infinity Saga. I can’t see them living past this film, no matter how much I want them to. I will be genuinely shocked if any of them live through this if I’m honest.

The legacies still go on

But, that being said, I don’t think their titles will die, not entirely. I think Shuri will be at least alluded to becoming the Iron Heart – who, in the comics, is another 16-year-old woman of colour,  tech genius, Tony entrusts to continue on the Iron Man legacy. Shuri’s got the brains, the sass, and the badassery to manage it. And, quite frankly, I can’t see anybody else taking on the mantel and filling it as well as Shuri could.

As for Cap, I have a feeling that Sam Wilson will take over. He already takes over for Steve in the comics at one point, and I think he’d make a great Cap. I’d personally prefer Bucky, because I adore Bucky, but he’s already had three name changes in the last few years. I say, let him stay as the White Wolf, let Sam take over as Captain America, and let the two of them loose on the world, or at least, onto Disney+!

As for Thor, who could possibly take over the mantel of Thor? Who could be worthy to be The Mighty Thor? Valkyrie. She’s strong, she’s powerful, and watching her go from being a drunk outcast on Sakaar, to Thor, would be such an interesting story to watch. Also, it means that she has the chance to be Space Girlfriends with Carol Danvers, and who the hell doesn’t want that?! And slowly, our blog site will officially be linked to Thor, how awesome would that be?!

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Wong’s Library 

The books in Wong’s library focus on the Infinity Stones. This is something I’ve been thinking about for years, ever since I first watched Doctor Strange, all the way back in 2016 on opening day. Stephen famously reads a book (with a GLOWING STONE ON THE COVER) all about the Time Stone, which allows him to master it. But, what about the other books on that specific shelf? The shelf where the books all have glowing stones on the covers and are all chained to the shelf itself? They have to correspond to the other Stones – why make those books stand out otherwise? We all know that Benedict Wong is back for Endgame, let’s use his librarian knowledge, let’s discover more about the Stones through those books. It would certainly give the Avengers the advantage against Thanos!

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The Accords

The Sokovia Accords will be lifted. The government surely cannot even comprehend to keep them after all this, after the Avengers, without the government prompting (actually ignoring General Ross), save the world, preventing countless deaths?


We will finally see Steve say ‘Avengers Assemble’ he’s got to say it once, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the last film with the original 6, give us this, in amongst all the pain and tears, at least finally give us the Line Of All Lines. It needs to be said, just once, please, I’m begging here!

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The new cameo master

And finally, Robert Downey Junior will become the new cameo guy. We started the first ten years, the first saga of the MCU with Stan Lee – the man who created it all. What if we continue into the next saga with the man who started the MCU itself? What if Tony Stark, despite being dead, is turned into an AI, like J.A.R.V.I.S, and he talks to everyone as an AI? Maybe a hologram, so Peter, and the rest of the cast can still speak to him? It’s happened in the comics, and it would be a beautiful way to keep Tony Stark in the MCU, while also reflecting where he started. I’d cry the entire time he was on screen, but, I’d love to see him continue in that way. That way, we don’t have Stan Lee’s legacy ruined, we still continue the tradition of cameos, and we can still see Tony in some way.


I could probably go on all day with thoughts and ideas, but these are my current favourite predictions for Endgame, based on the comics, fan theories, and my own ideas! What’s everyone’s favourite theories?

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