Behind the cgi, a look at the voice actors

Behind the CGI: a look at the voice actors


We are going to take a look at the incredible voice actors who bring our favourite heroes and villains, to life! Some of the most talented actors working today are not the ones found in movies, but the ones working to bring our video game experience to a whole other level!

Let’s kick this party off- Voice actors we love;


Doug Cockle- Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher), Victor Vran, Richard (State of Mind)

If you don’t know his face, you certainly know his voice. The incredible Dirty Harry deep Geralt voice is one of the most easily recognisable in all of Video game-dom. Cockle recalled in a recent panel how his voice naturally slips into the Geralt voice now when he speaks deeply!  Doug is a great force for good in the video game community and long may he continue bringing us iconic voices! 

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Troy Baker- Joel (The Last of Us), Higgs (Death Stranding), Magni (God of War 2018)

Troy Baker, is one of the many very well known voice talents in this list, his IMDB page boasts quite the career. The stand out performance for me is his role as Joel in The Last of Us. Yes, The Last of Us is one of my favourite games ever, but it is really amplified by the talent of the voice actors. The story line is incredibly emotive and it is a fraught journey filled with horrors at every turn and Troy Bakers performance solidified the desperation and frustration that Joel felt.

troy baker joel tlou
Troy Baker- Joel The Last of Us


Ashley Johnson- Ellie (The Last of Us)

We can’t have Joel and not have Ellie right? Absolutely. Ashley Johnson has a very varied history, having starred in several TV shows inc ER and of course being Mel Gibsons Daughter in What Women Want (remember that whole thing?!). She is a regular on the very popular Critical Roll, how she manages to fit it all in I do NOT know! Her portrayal of Ellie was wonderful, and again something that drew me into The Last of Us, she is brave, stubborn and fearless. I love Ellie. I am thrilled that both her and Troy will be returning to the second instalment of The Last of Us, it wouldn’t be the same without them.

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Nolan North- Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series), Desmond (AC Brotherhood), Modi (God of War 2018)

Okay so truth time, I have a big ass crush on Nolan North, It is that he is very talented? or maybe cause he voices Nathan? Or is it just cause he is hot? WHO knows. But there it is, anyway. Nolan North’s voice acting career has again been a varied one with a lot of TV shows mixed in with the video games. He was even in an episode of Rizzoli and Isles, which if you have not seen, shame on you its boss. His upcoming roles include Iron Man in the new Avengers video game which looks legit and who better to play Tony Stark?


 nolan north nathan drake
Nolan North- Nathan Drake Uncharted

Roger Clark- Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Roger Clark is a slightly different addition to our series, in that Red Dead Redemption 2 was his first foray in being a video game voice actor. However, after that performance?! I certainly don’t this it will be his last. He even won best performance at the 2018 Video Game Awards! So watch this space!


 roger clark red dead redemption
Roger Clark- Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption 2

Claudia Black- Chloe Frazer (Uncharted series)

Claudia is arguably better known for her role in the series Farscape, but her voice acting for Chloe is one of my favourites. Not surprising that we are back in the Uncharted series and we’ve got Laura Bailey up next too! My all-time favourite title in the Uncharted series is Lost Legacy, which is Chloe and Nadine adventuring across India. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, GIVE ME A SEQUEL GODDAMNIT.


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Laura Bailey- Nadine Ross (Uncharted series), Mary Jane (Spider-Man), Kait (Gears 5)

Laura Bailey is another voice actor whose career is most impressive and varied. She will also alongside Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker be starring in The Last of Us 2 and alongside Nolan North in the Avengers game as she plays Black Widow. She is another voice actor who is a season regular on Critical Role, which is a fantastic D&D tv show if you’ve not checked it out, I would HEARTILY recommend it!

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Melina Juergens- Senu (Hellblade: Senu’s Sacrifice

We talked a bit more about Melina Jurgens and the mo-cap and voice acting she did in Hellblade in the article here. She did not just lend her voice to the role of Senu but she did the full motion capture as well, scanning a digital double of herself into the game. She is Senu. The performance is incredible and totally deserving of the numerous awards won including the BAFTA for performance in 2017. 

It is a performance like no other, and if you have not already played Hellbladeand loved it, then shame on you, go play it now! 

Image result for melinda jurgen hellblade

So there we have it! A little look at the voice actors that draw us in, keep us immersed and entranced in these stories and adventures. Who is your favourite voice actor? Which performance has really stood out for you?

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