Black Stars Above Issue 1

Black Stars Above issue 1

Writer: Lonnie Nadler

Illustrated: Jenna Cha

Colours: Brad Simpson

Letters: Hassan Otsmane- Elhau

Designs: Tim Daniel

Publisher: Vault Nightfall 

“A cosmic horror story, where the dread seeps into your bones” 


A bright young women

Set in 1887, Black Stars Above is the tale of Eulalie Dubois, a young trapper who is struggling to find her place in the world. She is trapped between her dreams and the expectations of her parents.

It is clear that Eulalie is a bright, respectful and capable young lady, who dreams of more than just following in her families footsteps and fighting to survive against harsh weather, diminishing resources and a country on the brink of change. Eulalie yearns to explore the world beyond the forests and the little town, she dreams of being a writer.  A chance encounter sets Eualie on a path that is sure to change the course of her life forever. 

int page from black stars above

Black Stars Above– Incredible storytelling 

The narration is told through Eulalie in the form of “handwritten” diary entries complete with struck out words, where she changed her mind and used other words. They are presented, not in speech bubbles but on scraps of paper and frankly, it is genius.  However, that genius, does not end there, not only is the narration wonderful there are conversations in not one but THREE languages. Hass delivers a masterclass in lettering in this issue, with clear concise lettering that flows with the panels in a way that subtitles accompany a film. 

Supernatural Period Horror 

Lonnie Nadler, leads us on an unsettling journey. The introduction of the supernatural elements early on in the issue sets up Black Stars Above as an intriguing tale. Wherein the threat and fear of the unknown sits in the back of the reader’s mind. We are carried along, always checking over our and Eulalie’s Shoulder for another glimpse of the danger.


Folk-Lore Horror in Black Stares Above

Eulalie travels through the forest, recalling a tale she learned as a child. A tale of a creature who brought now to the land, so the land can sleep for a while. It will surprise absolutely NO ONE that my immediate hopes here, was that we were about to see a wendigo! But no matter what otherworldly terror we are dealing with. It lives in the pages as an ever-present threat, lurking between the panels.

Final Thoughts on Black Stars Above Issue 1

Black Stars Above is a really strong first issue, al the elements come together seamlessly- to create something as intriguing as it is chilling.  Fans of Eldritch horrors and Lovecraft are sure to enjoy Black Stars Above. Black Stars Above is set to be a haunting journey through unforgiving environments and I look forward to seeing more.

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