Blame it on the Goose- 5/5 Honks

Untitled Goose Game Review

Developer: House House

Publisher: Panic

Platforms: Mac, PC and Switch (reviewed) 

Genre: Puzzle, Stealth, Single Player

Untitled Goose Game 

The Untitled Goose game stole the hearts of so many earlier this year and, for many will be contender for their game of the year. What is it about this naughty little goose that captured the hearts of so many? 

I went into the Untitled Goose game thinking it would be a fun way to spend a few hours, what I did not expect was to see myself, but the darker, meaner, honkier version on the screen. 

Untitled Goose Unrivalled Menace

I loaded up the game and settled in with a Goose IPA for an evening of light hearted nuisance-making, and found myself immediately charmed by this naughty little ball of feathers. I was soon crying with laughter as I terrorised an old man, stole his keys, his carrots, his shoes and even soaked him with a hose. 

There is something in the game encouraging you to be naughty with its list of goals that just brings unbridled joy. It is rare that we are encouraged to be naughty and a massive pain in the ass, but here we are. It is a delight. 

that kid 100% is going to need therapy for life

Simple but effective

Visually, Untitled Goose game is simple but so effective. It is really charming in its flat-shaded graphical simplicity, the poor terrorised villagers are so full of expression and disdain. This is a really great example of less is more. The music is seamless and the sounds so interactive, when you pick up items like a harmonica, a milk bottle it changes the way you honk. It is that level of consideration that sets Untilted Goose Game apart from other titles from this year. House House we were rushing to push a project out, they we’re crafting something amazing. 


Nothing but aggro

The terror of the neighbourhood 

The only issue I have with Untitled Goose game is a certain lack of reality. The Goose terrorises an English village and is free to just go about causing any level of mayhem it decides it wishes too. However, if this was real it would’ve had an asbo by now, like the Swan from Cambridge, more on that here

Image result for asbo swan
see pictured the famous “ASBO Swan” that lives in Cambridge, UK


Blame it on the Goose 

The Untitled Goose Game, is a simple and completely charming stealth game, it is like Metal Gear but with an aggy Goose, and simply, it is wonderful. House House have created something both endearing and addictive. Untitled Goose Game is also a fantastic all ages game, I took great delight in showing it to my Dad who has not picked up a game in 20 years. He was absolutely made up to be stealing carrots as a feathery bastard. 

5/5 honks 

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