“Bleed Them Dry” – A Ninja Vampire Tale

Bleed Them Dry Issue 1

Created by Hiroshi Kaizumi

Written By Eliot Rahal

Art by Dike Ruan

Colours by Miguel Muerto

Letters by Andworld

Published by Vault

Bleed Them Dry

The year is 3333 and the earth is in a state of recovery. Vampires are real, and though far less populous than humans, they live alongside them in the Japanese-engineered mega-city known as ‘Asylum’. People have come to understand that some Immortals are good, some are bad, and most just navigate the world without incident. There is peace…

….until now, that is.

Someone is brutally murdering vampires, and Detective Harper Halloway has been assigned to the case. To solve it she’ll have to uncover a much deeper truth: The future of humanity has been edited.

vampire attack blood splatter

A prime example of a brilliant first issue 

Bleed Them Dry Issue 1 is a brilliant example of a first issue. We are introduced to Harper Holloway and her vampire partner, Atticus Black (which is the best name ever, by the way…), and we get to see the gorgeous panels showcasing Asylum. The Mega-City’s buildings sprawl across the skyline, reaching high into the sky. We’re quickly and smoothly immersed in the action, with well-executed exposition. Nothing feels clunky.

A city that never sleeps

The city in the background of the panels reminds us of how busy and bustling Asylum is. In one panel, when Halloway and Black are in a Diner, the background is so bright, and even though it isn’t very detailed, it gives us a real ‘City The Never Sleeps’ vibe. There’s a murderer out there in Asylum targeting Vampires, and our detectives are working hard to not only crack the case but also to keep it out of the hands of the media. While Holloway begins to feel the frustrations of the case, Black, on the other hand, seems to have a few extra cards up his sleeve.

three figures in an american diner

Vampire, Ninja Noir

Whilst primarily concerned with Vampire murders in a Japan-inspired future city, a really prevalent theme is that of a detective-y, almost noir-style thriller. We don’t know who to trust, as the characters, the creators have bought to life for us are more grey than just black or white, there are no easily defined good and bad characters. Ruan’s character designs and panels are enhanced by Muerto’s colours. I especially enjoyed the last few pages. The movement, life, and action in the panels is striking.

‘Bleed Them Dry’ is a first issue with real bite, if you can excuse the pun. I’m looking forward to seeing the series progresses. Perfect for fans of ‘Blade Runner’, it’s a crime thriller with added fangs.

Grab your copy now from Comixology or from your favourite LCS.

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