Blue In Green: Comic Book Review

Blue In Green: Comic Book Review

Creative Team: Ram V, Anand RK, John Pearson, Aditya Bidikar, Tom Muller

Publisher: Image Comics

Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen

Erik Dieter is a struggling musician, returning home to attend his mother’s funeral. Upon his return, he finds a photo of an unidentified 60s jazz musician, and the subsequent hunt for his identity becomes an obsession. Slowly, Erik begins to lose himself in his mission; his ambition and choices following him on his downward spiral.

Blue in Green comes from an unparalleled creative team. From the words and lettering to the art and colours, Blue in Green delivers in every way a comic and piece of literature can. We had been excited for its release since the first announcement, and oh how lucky we were. Rightly so, of course, it’s featured on out Best of 2020 list – check it out here!

Jazz Man

Blue in Green flows like a jazz melody (cliché and obvious, I know, but it’s just so true). The colours are ambient and atmospheric, calming almost. This, wrapped around an art style that flits from sharp and detailed realism to frenetic abstraction, creates a contrast that sits just right. It feels like we are looking at memories. As we follow Erick down into the depths of his psyche, we feel his ambition and fear as we are drawn into his incredibly finely drawn world. Even the record-label inspired chapter breaks cut a deliberate, striking, and effortlessly cool figure.

The angular text boxes and beautiful lettering slot right into the story, like notes left on sides for us to find. No wonder really, when Aditya is involved. It’s the words those letters make though that guide us through the melody. No wonder really, when Ram is involved. Blue in Green takes turns that you wouldn’t expect and executes them flawlessly. It’s this merge of genre and tone that is the cherry on the top of this comic. The thrum of life and movement simmers on every page, and with it we are transported alongside Erik on a doomed journey with a pacing that’s second to none.

Blue Monday

Blue in Green is unlike any comic I have read in a very long time. It’s unique, it’s vibrant, and it’s something that you won’t forget for a long time after reading. To create something so moving and so different to anything out there are the moment is not only a testament to the talent and vision of the team, but also to the medium of comics and graphic novels. Weaving and moving to a visceral and gorgeous end, Blue in Green is an absolute must-read. Not just for music lovers, not just for graphic novel lovers, but for anyone who loves art.

To find out more about Blue in Green, the creative process, and the team, check out our interview with writer Ram V here!


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