Brigantia Issue 1 review and Issue 2 preview

Brigantia Issue 1 review and Issue 2 preview

Written and co-creator: Chris Mole (Issue 1 and 2) 

Art and co-creator: Melissa Trender (Issue 1 and 2)

Art: Harriet Moulton (Issue 2)

Letters: Nikki Foxrobot (Issue 1)

Letters: Aditya Bidikar (Issue 2) 

Issue 1 printed by CPUK

Issue 2 currently funding on Kickstarter 


Brigantia is the Goddess of the Brigantes, Celtic Britons who in pre-Roman times controlled what would become Northern England. In the midst of a battle with her greatest foe for Brigantia is hurled through a portal and she lands in a very different time. Now she must navigate modern London, her nemesis and try to get back to her time. 

Issue 1

The first thing we need to mention in regards to Brigantia Issue 1 is the absolutely gorgeous cover. The cover by Melissa Trender really stands out and draws you straight into the issue. I really like the style, the nature of the cover and how it all comes together. 

Fascinating stories and myths 

Brigantia is a fantasy/myth adventure comic steeped in History and mythology. Brigantia is like a British Wonder Women, she is a true warrior queen, fighting for people who worship her and later, those who don’t even know she exists. 

The stories we are being told in Brigantia are fascinating and arguably history, as someone from the UK, I should probably already know more about. But the creators are guiding us through the history, whilst weaving a whole new story throughout. However, the new story continues to elevate the legend and furthers the saga. 

A combination of Trendor’s artwork and the tonally in keeping letters from Nikki, help really cement Chris’ storytelling. The lettering really stands out in Issue 1 and 2, the use of a script style font for Brigantia reminds us that she is a goddess from a long-forgotten time. The issue is packed with myths, legends and really kick-ass action scenes.

Unsurprisingly Brigantia #1 was very well received and fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of issue 2, which is now funding on Kickstarter. 

Issue 2

We are thrust straight back into the action in Issue 2 and more and more is revealed as we travel further with Brigantia and her newfound allies. Old secrets are unearthed and new, but old faces resurface will Brigantia finally be able to defeat Veteris and return home?

Brigantia returns with another creative team full of strong talents, some changes include Aditya Bidikar and Harriet Moulton but the heart of the issues still remains. 

Final thoughts

This series sets out to be an epic saga with 1 and 2 it is living up to that hype. Brigantia issue 2 is funding on Kickstarter now and trust us you won’t be disappointed if you back. Ideal for fans of mythology, fantasy and retellings of legends with a modern twist.

Back Brigantia Issue 2 on Kickstarter today! 

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