Brokenland 1 and 2 by Drew Morrison, Comic Book review

Brokenland issue 1 and 2 

Created by Drew Morrison

Designs by Jane Song

Currently funding on Kickstarter

What Is Brokenland?

Brokenland is a story of growth, change and the growing waste problem. It takes place in a tough city populated by all manner of weirdos and centres around Meeso, a timid creature whose intentions often go overlooked. Meeso would like to do some good but isn’t sure where to start. In this first issue, several events offer a path.

black and white illustration of meeso, lead character of Brokenland who is a small white creature, sitting on a pile of trash eating an icecream

Not a standard comic 

This is not your standard comic, it is a silent tale about Meeso whilst he tries to navigate daily life. Meeso seems a little lost and hapless ina world full of creatures and mountains of garbage. 

Despite the world being full of trash, Drew’s choice of colours and artstyle could not be more vibrant. These aren’t grey mountains of trash, but colourful creatures and items. The pages and the panels are so dense and detailed, you will want to take your time to really pour over them. Whilst both issue 1 and 2 are, as we mentioned without any dialogue, you can get a little lost in some times. However, we are quickly put back on track through the visuals and carried along in the series. 

Relateable little creature 

Meeso is a great lead for Brokenland, we follow him through this trash world. We can sympathise with them even without any dialogue. This pale, little creature tries to physically change their shape to fit in with the world without them. It’s hard to not empathise with the world around them. It’s hard to not empathise with them. Who has not wished they could change themselves to either blend in or fit into the world around them. Morrison’s created an engaging, touching and odd series that will entertain readers from all walks of life and ages. 

Final thoughts on Brokenland

Brokenland is an undoubtedly charming series which blends complex settings, familiar themes with an abstract art style but in a way that really works in perfect synergy. This might not be the ideal story for someone who wants a dialogue-driven comic. However, I would strongly encourage anyone to check out the preview of issue 1 on the kickstarter page and then pledge for number 2! It is perfect for comedy fans, especially those who like their humour mixed with fart jokes.


Brokenland Issue 1 is available here and Issue 2 is funding on Kickstarter.

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