Captain Gaia Comic Book Review

Captain Gaia Comic Book Review

Story: Johny Tay

Inks/Colours: Giuseppe Pica

Design/Pencils: Stefano Realdini


Goodness gracious, great balls of Gaia

Captain Gaia takes us on a whistle-stop tour of an eco-terrorism incident between Russia and the USA. “Code Blue”, a group of radical activists have been captured at the behest of the Russians (it’s Putin, but not as you know him). As a result, the world must look to Team Gaia to save them…again.

Based on the real events of 2013, when Greenpeace activists tried to board and disable a Russian oil drilling platform (and were then captured and supposedly beaten pretty brutally), Captain Gaia isn’t just a hilarious action comic – it has something to say, too.

Team Gaia Intro


Come on baby light my Gaia

Absurd, dramatic, and deliciously cynical, Captain Gaia is more than just a team of heroes defeating the Big Bad in action sequences that make Michael Bay look like Richard Curtis. At its heart, this comic book is a brisk slap in the face of a wake-up call. This comic hammers home the truths of climate change, international politics, class division, and the commodification of the individual. Do all that, but with boats! Onto a winner with that.


Captain Gaia SFX Lettering Action
“Froar” is absolutely the best action sound


Imagine if David Attenborough joined the Blue Man Group, swore more, and was an inter-dimensional spirit warrior – and that is our Captain Gaia. This insane being is summoned when each of the members of Team Gaia use their magic elemental bracelets to join together and harness the power of the Earthmother. Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds.


He’s the man with the eco-friendly touch


It’s a Blue Planet 

Captain Gaia does one of my favourite things; it takes something incredibly salient and socially relevant points and presents them in a ludicrous, excessive spectacle of wit and sarcasm. This comic is a thinker, for sure – but damn it’s a whole lot of fun, too. My only criticism? It’s a one-off special, and I want more!

You can pick up your copy of Captain Gaia from comixology now!


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