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Captain Marvel-I love you so

It brings me immeasurable joy to be able to write this article about Captain Marvel today, on International Women’s Day of all days.

At 12.01am Friday, the 8th of March a few of the Valks and I watched the midnight release of Captain Marvel. I am not normally in attendance at midnight launches and am notoriously well known for generally being in bed by 10 P.M. However, for Carol I was always going to make an exception.

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Entering into the world of Captain Marvel as somewhat of an outsider, I was not 100% sure what to expect. I was aware of the Kree and the Skrull from other films in the MCU, but Carol was a character I was not yet fully introduced too. It is safe to say, I love her and will unflinchingly stand by her forever.

Where was I?

Carol is not only a delightful hero but one that we can actually relate too. She isn’t an untouchable God or a big green Hulking machine. She is at her core, a human with human flaws and human emotions, just with some extra firepower and a snazzy space suit. For me, Carol is the hero I needed growing up.

I grew up in the ’90s, an incredible era for many massive pop culture movements; Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published, films like; Toy Story, Armageddon, The Mummy, lots of Batman, The Matrix but also Pretty Women and There’s Something about Mary. Now I am not disputing that any of those titles listed aren’t without their own merit, but looking at it from a young girl’s perspective… where did I fit? Where was I represented?

In short, I wasn’t, girls and women were sidekicks, love interests or just there to provide the eye candy for the predominately male audience. I have loved the cinema since I was old enough to sit still and the same goes for books. I would sit for hours devouring the words on the pages and getting immersed in these worlds. However, I faced the same problem, the heroes were men/ teenage boys going on adventures and saving the world. Where are the women?

Into every generation.. a Slayer is born! 

But then came Buffy, (I know there were other female heroes but this is my journey to buckle in). Buffy changed it all for me, she was an absolute POWER HOUSE of a kick-ass female. She had female and male friends who AIDED her in HER quest to save the earth, many many times and I fell in love with it all. She was the hero I had needed but still, I wanted more and honestly, it was hard to find. 

Fast forward a few years (okay quite a few years) and looking at Captain Marvel, Wonder Women, Oceans 8, Ghostbusters 2016 it fills me with the same feeling of, I can do that, I am women hear me roar.

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Sign me up Captain

I’ve gone off tangent a bit but circling back to Captain Marvel. She is everything. So often throughout the film she is told to stop being so emotional. Something I am sure that everyone, especially you ladies, can recall being told at least once or twice (or hundreds of thousands of times), “to show emotion is to be weak” well why? Batman is the big brood but yet he is not indestructible, having emotions do not make you weak.

They don’t make you “a girl”, they don’t make you “soft”. They make you a human being, which last I checked.. we all were. Ultimately Carol learns how to become her best self, with help from true friendships, self-belief and a leap of faith. Instead of bottling up what makes her special and squashing it deep down. She lets that bright light shine, and it is radiant.


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Give me LIFE 

I could bask in the warmth of that glow forever, let it just wash over me as it soothes the jagged edges society carved into me as a result of just trying to exist. Captain Marvel is the film I needed when I was growing up; but also the film I needed to see today at the age of 28. It reminded me that I am enough, I am stronger then I know and to draw my strength from the people around me who love and support me. However, It also comes with such a strong message of helping others. It’s a reminder that there are always two sides to every story and you should seek out your truth.

I adored Captain Marvel, just in case you couldn’t tell, from the casting to the soundtrack it was a riot that I adored. I was transported right back to films like Flight of The Navigator and it filled me with a wonderful sense of hope and righteousness. Captain Marvel is not going to please everyone, it was never going too. However, if it makes one little kid believe that they can change their stars and do anything they set their minds too…Then it is already one of the most important films in the MCU (and the world). 

How do we go ladies? Higher. Faster. Further.


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