Charlie’s Angels,2019 Film Review

Charlie’s Angels

Director: Elizabeth Banks

Release: November 2019

Good morning Charlie

A week barely seems to go by without an outpouring of opinions on the latest film trailer. Whether the film is an original, remake, sequel or prequel- folks are quick to judge. What happened to, I don’t know,  maybe just waiting until you’ve watched the film before you swarm the internet with hot takes.

Charlie’s Angels hit the cinemas last fall and it is not surprising that I’ve got some feelings about all this. My thoughts might be a bit different to the consensus- but that is okay! Different opinions are a good thing, as long as those opinions are based on judging things on their merits not because “ewww women doing things instead of men, ewwww”.

I am already off-topic. Since the first trailers launched I knew I was going to love Charlie’s Angels. It is so intensely my jam I could have it for breakfast. Espionage? Check. Ladies kicking ass and being excellent gal pals? Check! Elizabeth Banks as daddy  Bosley? Check! Snazzy as heck outfits and montages? Check! Sign me all the way up Charlie!

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Charlie’s Angels sadly and unsurprisingly received a pretty chilly reception- similar to Ghostbusters 2016 and Oceans 8. Two films that I love and cherish. However, entering the screen I was filled with nothing but excitement. As per it was me and Valks editor extraordinaire, Georgie. We were both very much looking forward to watching this addition to the Charlies Angels series.

Charlie’s Angels updated

That’s what this is, an up to date addition. It is not erasing anything that came along before. It widens the possibility, widens the scope for the Townsend Agency and the whole Angels operation. Its just as glamorous as ever but a hell of a lot slicker. Alongside seeing the operation expanded, learning more about the Angels and Codename Bosley, there is a typical spy narrative running throughout that weaves and ties up beautifully.

Supporting women not pitting them against one another

I put a lot of stock in how a film makes me feel upon leaving the cinema, and both I and Georgie felt like we could punch the skies. We were buzzing, granted we were headed for pasta and beers, but still. Charlie’s Angels left us feeling fantastic. None of the women are punished for being strong, sexy, smart or even a big dork (looking at you Sabine). This is a film about women building each other up and reminding each other it is okay to ask for help. So often we see women pitted against one another to be the best, but not here. The Angels are here to kick ass and support each other and that is what they do! 

In short, I loved it, give me more films that will inspire girls/ teens/ women, more films that normalise being gay, more films that portray women as the complex multifaceted human beings they are!

Elizabeth Banks can do very little wrong in my book and I’d like her to now make a Charlie’s Angels Tv show, featuring some Pitch Perfect characters with cameos from Oceans 8 and Ghostbusters. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Also, a note, the soundtrack did not need to go so hard but thank god it did. That Donna Summer remix was top shelf.

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