Come to Daddy, 2019, Film Review

Come to Daddy

Director: Ant Timpson 

Starring: Elijah Wood

UK Release: February 2020

Our Rating: ★

Who’s your daddy?

Is Come to Daddy one of the worst films of recent years? Yes, quite possibly. 

Full of unlikeable characters, stunted dialogue and over the top gratuitous violence all merge together and result in a film that shouts loudly without really saying anything. 

Elijah Wood plays odd characters well, his role as Kevin in Sin City is so good! However, Come to Daddy he played Norval (who names their child Norval??), a pretentious L.A hipster complete with questionable haircut and mustache. It is a laughable shock when you first see him pulling his wheelie suitcase through the forest. 

We get it, this is supposed to show how unprepared/ out of his depth he is, now he is away from the City. But the constant reminder of this and the way it escalates is just mean. 

Elijah Wood Come to Daddy

Gratuitous Violence in Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy uses some choice language and gratuitous violence intending to shock. It just misses and lands in the “hardman showing off to his friends” camp.  A Lars Von Trier this most certainly is not. 

With twists that are telegraphed a mile away and events that beg you to suspend commonsense, as well as disbelief, Come to Daddy, is a slog to watch. This tries to be a film about a man pushed to his breaking point, well he does not need to be pushed very hard. He is so desperate for fatherly approval he really doesn’t need a hard push, more of gentle nudge.

Twists and turns 

Come to Daddy has so many shifts it is a miracle viewers don’t get whiplash. But where shifts in films like US or Parasite leave us reeling, this just escalates the schlocky B-movie action. It’s not divisive as much as just being uncertain about what the film is trying to be. 

Looking online Come to Daddy has really mixed reviews, personally, I didn’t enjoy it. However other sites call it a genre-bending thrill ride, so check it out and let us know what you thought. 

You can watch Call to Daddy on Amazon, Youtube or the Google Store.

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