Crow Song Comic Book Review

Crow Song Comic Book Review

Writer: Tony Vanraes
Artists: Theo Brenni, Bentti Bisson, Justin Mason, Chris Anderson, Anand Radhakrishnan, Michael Ra
Letterer: Rob Jones
Colourists: Dee Cunniffe, Darren Stephens

As the crow flies

I’m reluctant to call Crow Song a debut, even though it is. “Debut” carries too many connotations of messiness, clumsy handiwork, or uncertainty. You’ll find none of that here. Pulled together with the seamlessness of seasoned professionals, Crow Song, from the pen of the inimitable Tony Vanraes compiles five tales into one stunning book. Bonus? We even get the concept art and pin-ups. What more could you ask for?



I want to write you a Crow Song

Along with his gorgeously varied creative team, Tony and co. have created something truly special. Each story carries its own aesthetic, its own moral, and its own hidden gems (some of my favourite words of the past few months has come from Crow Song).

From the monochrome masterpiece that is “The Immolated Lady” to the fiendish “Hatchling”, we are treated to different art and colour palettes, subtle shifts in lettering, and equally impressive tone shifts in the writing style. It isn’t so much a well-earned flex as it is a showcase of how effortlessly Tony can flit from comedy (The Squires) to tragedy (The Contract, The Immolated Lady) at the turn of a page. They are a talented bunch, this lot.




While each tale seems incredibly distinct, you can certainly begin to draw parallels between each story. Themes of the most base human wants abound between the covers of this comic – be they revenge, power, acceptance, or simply the will to do the right thing. Crow Song also brings with it a beautifully coloured warning about wanting what we want and just how we get it. Though each story may only be a few pages long, you quickly and easily become invested in the characters we meet. You care about their motivations, you understand their arc, and you become enthralled in their finely drawn world.


Crow Song is a triumph

It is safe to say that Tony and his team have made quite the entrance onto the comic book scene with Crow Song. This comic effortlessly achieves a fine and delicate balance of emotion and purpose that is normally decades in the making. If this is a debut, you better fasten your seat belts for whatever comes next. I can assure you, it is going to be incredible.

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