Conspiracy of Ravens Review

Conspiracy of Ravens

Writers- Leah Moore and John Reppion

Artist- Sally Jane Thompson

Genre- Fantasy

Publisher- Dark Horse

What is it all about?

Conspiracy of Ravens is an enchanting, endearing and genuinely exciting graphic novel, that adults and young readers will enjoy alike. It is a tale of magic, of friendship, of family, of secrets, of danger, and of birds. The Corvid family of bird species, to be exact.

A refreshing twist

Conspiracy of Ravens is a unique and refreshing twist on the teenage girls, magic items, superpowers and superhero genre. All captured in elegant yet simple tones of black, white and blue. It is modern in that the band of unlikely heroines come from all backgrounds, race, class, personality and each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses and an array of very modern life problems.

Conspiracy of Ravens is well humoured, with strong moments of drama, alluring moments of mystery and is something I can totally see as a TV series, the kind of TV I would loved watching growing up. But the real highlight for me which placed this in my heart is how I share a name,
profession and even a love of cheesy pasta with one of the characters – and a character
who sadly doesn’t get her own magic, but still kicks-ass when needed.

Final Thoughts

I would strongly recommend reading it for those who like a bit of nostalgia of when
anything was possible, in the ‘Queens Nose Magic 50p’; kind of way, and for young
girls (able readers) who like magic, mystery and adventure.

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