Dr Love Wave and The Experiments Issue 1

Dr Love Wave and The Experiments issue 1 

Writer: Gregg Gustin

Art: V. Gagnon

Letters: Joamette Gill

Dr Love Wave and The Experiments is about Milt, the lead in a sci-fi surf rock band. It’s been a year to the day since he lost his mother to cancer and he is just trying to get by.  He wants to just get through the day and play away some of that pain with his friends and bandmates. However, something is amiss in their town of Madre Bay. Seemingly overnight the harbour has completed dried up and something has bee spotting lurking amongst the boats. Something that looks, outta this world!

Who’s this mysterious girl?

Issue 1 of Dr Love Wave and The Experiments does a brilliant job of setting up the story. We’re introduced to Milt, his bandmates and a mysterious girl, Mika. We also come to know the harbourmasters who are distraught at this sudden catastrophe. This exposition is concise and clear, it is easy to establish who everyone is and the roles they play within daily life at Madres Bay. 

Visually interesting

Visually Dr Love Wave and The Experiments Is particularly engaging. The scenes when the band is on stage are vibrant and full of life, with effective use of purples, blues and pinks it really cements that atmosphere that only gigs can have. There is a contrast between the more muted palettes of the day to day and the fantastical. These scenes in which Milt is at work, or the panels with that no good councilman are, as I said muted but in a way that showcasing the mundaneness of the everyday. Contrast that with the gig pages and later panels when we see things start to be a little…. odd, and the colour choices really help communicate the tone shift towards the more fanciful aspects of the story. 

Brilliant first issue

I don’t know about you, but there is something perfect about blending rockstars and heroes. I am hoping as the series develops we get to see more of the band and how they will become involved in saving this town. Readers can really relate and sympathise with Milt and his want to just rock out through his grief and express those emotions through his music. Issue one opens a lot of doors and I look forward to seeing where future issues will take us. 

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