Eelman Chronicles a review

The Eelman Chronicles; a review

Written and created by Chris Spalton

What is it all about?

The Eelman Chronicles is a short comic book/biography of Chris Spalton’s father – Spalt the Eelman, the last remaining Eelman in England. It sounds like it would rather dreary and dull, because, honestly, what kind of interesting things can an eelman get up to? But, honestly, it is weird, wonderful, and really quite funny in places.


Told in comic strip form, the Eelman Chronicles follows Spalt of his day to day life as an eelman. Generally, this involves not catching any eels, adopting too many dogs (instead of buying his wife a new washing machine) and meeting royalty, yes, royalty. As in The Queen and Prince Charles. All while trying to catch eels in murky water.

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The stories are unbelievable, yet utterly believable at the same time, I immediately found myself captured in this world, wanting to know more about this slightly odd man and his odd encounters with wildlife, burglars and Ray Mears.

Proper English Wit

But it wasn’t just the stories that were enchanting, it was the writing as well. I was completely taken in by the dry, sarcastic wit only an English person can really get. I found myself laughing frequently, completely understanding the joke, despite having no idea where the Fens** actually are, a common theme which runs throughout.

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On the whole, this was a witty, enchanting read about a simple man, who just wants to catch eels for a living with his dogs, or his ferrets, and keeps on running into the oddest of situations.

I unexpectedly loved this, and highly recommend it!

4 stars!

Keep up to date with Chris: https://twitter.com/ChrisSpalton

Chris’ website: https://gumroad.com/cspalton

Follow the Eelman Chronicles on twitter: https://twitter.com/Eelmanchronicle

** The Fens are marsh lands in East Anglia UK, more information on them here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00f78km

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