Ella Upgraded Issue 1- A little girl with a bright spark

Ella Upgraded

Writer: Dan Whitehead

Artist: P.R Dedelis

Colours: Abby Bulmer

Letters: Jim Campbell


Ella Upgraded is a comic with more than a little heart and charm

Ella Upgraded is a comic aimed at a younger audience, but older readers will get a kick out of reading it also. It is the perfect comic to read with a fledgeling comic fan.

The storyline

Ella is a feisty character who you can’t help but instantly like. However, her and her older brother are struggling. They are trying to find a new normal after the sudden death of their parents. It is a heartbreaking situation and pretty much every child’s worst nightmare. Her older brother Josh has gone from brother to Mum\Dad, whilst still trying to pursue his scientific career.

The tragedies don’t stop there- but soon Ella finds herself, well, upgraded. She is now able to channel the powers of her video game heroes. Think “I know Kung Fu: from the Matrix but with an amazing 8year old and you’ve got Ella Upgraded.


ella upgraded panel game boy
Kids these days don’t know the pain of playing pokemon by streetlights on a car journey

Ella Upgraded- The Style

PR Dedelis’ art-style is bright, clean and wonderfully simplistic. It is perfect, not just for younger readers to keep engaged with the pages. But it is in-keeping with Dan’s writing and the tone of the comic. There is so much movement and life in the panels it is like watching a cartoon.

Ella is a brilliant new hero for a younger tech-centric generation. Okay so she throws herself at danger a little too willingly but her heart is in the right place. She reminded me of Spider-Man, once just a kid with a big heart and suddenly she has the ability to really make a change.


Ella Upgraded issue 1 comic panel
“Mission Impossible theme plays”

Perfect for fledgeling comic fans

As a kid who grew up with my nose glued to the screen of my Gameboy, I felt such a kinship with Ella. But, wherein I could only dream of living the adventures, she is really living them and just flinging herself right into the action.

Do you know a little girl who is becoming fed up of waiting to get rescued? or is bored of playing Princess? Get her Ella Upgraded you will not regret it!

Issue 1 can be purchased in print from Gumroad https://gumroad.com/zebracomics

Ella Upgraded is available digitally on the Comichaus

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