The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare launch; The Valks go to London!

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Designer: James Sheahan

Publisher: Modiphius Entertainment

The Valkyries were lucky enough to be invited to one of the launch events of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. This is a completely new Fallout table top and something we Valks are really excited for! 


Modiphius are a UK based Game publisher of RPG’s, board games and miniatures,. They publish such games as Thunderbirds, Star Trek, Achtung Cthulhu, Vampire: Masquerade, Conan the Barbarian and of course Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

They are one of the go to companies for table top gaming. More along the lines of role playing and strategy than quick and simplistic. Modiphius have a real awareness of their demographic and this is reflected in the resources they offer: for example having a complete beginners guide to wasteland warfare, and then just the rule book if you are a seasoned pro at tabletops.

There are also free resources online which is really cool because instead of having to lug about a huge rule book, you could have it on your tablet or smartphone.  

The game

So the Fallout Wasteland Warfare game is a war game where you can go on campaigns, follow narratives or simply battle. There are so many elements of the beloved fallout franchise such as characters, monsters, scenery and game mechanics, these are all printed to an incredibly high standard. You can build up your characters with vats as well as choose a leader and get them perks which help your whole team. The miniatures come in resin or PVC which mean that they are paintable and customise-able to your own whim and fancy straight out of the box.

There are also character packs you can expand with, such as the brotherhood of steel, or super mutants as well as extra scenery such as red rocket.

The game can be PvP, CO-OP or single player, meaning that you can just practice and get a real handle on playing yourself before beating your friends at your local gaming establishment. It’s a cool feature, not present in many games and I think it makes it super accessible and enjoyable to a larger range of people, not all of us have nerdy friends nearby who we can play!

It’s party time

The launch party for Fallout Wasteland Warfare hosted by the fab Loading bar, Server. The bar was totally decked out in its fallout finery and there was a real buzz about the place with people in cosplay and fallout themed drinks (there was a lot of vodka!).

The bar was packed with Modiphius crew with several sets of Wasteland Warfare, beautifully painted and were showing people how to play. It was a fantastic night where there was genuinely so much excitement and anticipation for the game.

Bethesda were also there and Heather and I were lucky enough to speak to some of the team and they shared their excitement at the launch. The anticipation was contagious and as we walked back to the train station all we could talk about was how we would buy a set between us and how much fun it seemed. 

Pick up day!

So, I bought Fallout Wasteland Warfare from my local game store, Dice and Decks. I decided to go for the basic starter pack, so I could try it out before buying any expansions. I was not disappointed though!

The starter pack contains literally everything you need to play, except for the table itself. It has characters from the super mutant faction and the survivor faction. The rule book, the campaigns, the play mat as well as all the dice, counters and measuring apparatus and everything feel solid and well constructed.

The starter pack is ready to go, you can just dive in, you don’t need to buy a single other thing. It includes practice scenarios if you’re a complete table top beginner like me. I roped in the help of a table top expert to teach me how it all works, but if you follow along with the rules and the practice runs you will be completely fine. I also made the decision that I would like to paint my figures, I have never painted anything in my life but the figures were so well constructed it seemed a missed opportunity. Heather and I have now painted nearly all of the figures and scenery, and once it is all done and dry we are very excited to actually play the game properly. Keep your eyes peeled for our review of the game itself!


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