Fear Street: Part 1 1994

Fear Street: Part 1 1994

Starring Maya Hawke, Kiana Madeira, Olivia Scott Welch and Benjamin Flores Jr. 

Directed: Leigh Janiak

Streaming: Netflix

Fear Street: Part 1 1994 hit the streams in July, based on the books by the hit teen horror king R. L Stine. 

Welcome to Shadyside

A shocking murder in the Shadyside Mall kicks off a gruesome game of cat and mouse. A group of teenage friends unravel a centuries-old mystery. Discovering the brutal murders that have plagued the town for over 300 years, may not be as senseless as they appear.

A Love Letter to Slasher Movies

Fear Street: Part 1 1994 feels like a love letter to Scream, to Friday 13th and the wonderful slash movies that shook a generation. It’s very stylish and confident, but unfortunately, I found it altogether a little unforgettable. If you asked me to recount any of the intricacies, I’d have to really think about it. 

Not Just Another Teen Movie

Whilst I wasn’t blown away I enjoyed the interactions between the core teen heroes and their dynamics. They all had a bit of something about them. Deena’s lovesick moodiness sets the tone early on. Fear Street: Part 1 1994 isn’t afraid of airing out the darker and more painful things that teens face. Especially teens living in an area suffering from socio-economic decline, or you know a tome full of psycho killers. 

They’ve all got a bit of gumption, quickly discovering the truth and concocting plans to survive. It’s like Home Alone meets Scream. 

It’s a scream

Director Leigh Janiak directed a few episodes of MTVs Scream Tv Show, which I really enjoyed. They brought that flair and passion to Fear Street: Part 1 1194. Whilst the narrative was a little middle of the road, it is an undoubted slick, stylish introduction to the trilogy. 

Fear Street: Part 2 1978 is set in a summer camp, the same summer camp where they filmed Friday 13th. So I am looking forward to seeing how this stylish take tackles this infamous setting. 

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