Finger Guns Issue 1 review

Finger Guns

Written by Justin Richards

Art by Val Halvorson

Colours by Rebecca Nalty

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Published by: Vault Comics

Throw up them Finger Guns

If you have ever met me or Georgie at an event, you’ll know we are big fans of throwing out the finger guns. So we were always going to love this series. Lonely teenager Wes discovers he has an ability. He can manipulate peoples emotions for a short period of time. How? By throwing out the finger guns of course!

There is so much set up in this first issue of Finger Guns. We meet Sadie and Wes, two teens who have a lot on their plate. Neither of them has the happiest home life, and where these powers might give them an escape, could they lead them into danger as well? Wes does exactly what you would do if you were a teen and you suddenly had new powers. He just throws them out left right and centre, not really concerned about the consequences. However, he soon discovers that he is not alone in this. Where his power seems to push his victims into a fit of rage, Sadie’s seem to do the opposite.

Raging hormones and magic powers

The powers complement the characters well, Wes’ frustration flows from him in red beams causing his victims to lose their cool and argue with those around him. Whereas Sadie, cool as a cucumber Sadie, throws out blue calming vibes. Though, not everything is as it seems with either of these teens. As if growing up was not hard enough? Now we’ve got powers and raging hormones!

Finger Guns is a nod to all those teens who felt the sting of loneliness, or who are living through it now. It is hard to be a teenager, hormones and social standards make navigating the world a minefield. Add the loneliness, not knowing where you belong, how to act or where you fit in the world. It’s a pretty shit few years!

Writer Justin Richards perfectly captures those feelings within this first issue. We see Wes’ frustrations in his actions and his powers. Sadie is his opposite, they’re like two halves of an imperfect, confused whole.


Art that pops

The art and colours work perfectly in tandem and bring some very fresh visuals. The panels and use of the spaces on the pages just pop. So much is shown through the actions of the characters instead of words. The characters are alive with their expressions and the movements. As there is not one specific narration through the issue, we get taken on a visual adventure.

Finger Guns issue 1 is a dynamite start to a series and I look forward to seeing where this series goes. I can predict laughs, tears and definitely some mayhem!

So go, throw them Finger Guns up

You can pick up a copy of Finger Guns from any good comic retailer, Vault direct and FP.

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