Friendo #2 Advanced Review

Friendo #2

Alek Paknadel– Writer

Martin Simmonds– Illustrator

Dee Cunnifee– Colours

Taylor Esposito– Letters

Vault Comics– Publisher

Friendo #1 was an explosive introduction to the series and #2 is a technicolour slip n’ slide into madness and addiction.

The story so far…

Friendo #2 reconvenes months after the vents of the first, Leo maybe healing physically but mentally.. well he is still a bit of a wreck. His disassociation with reality only grows throughout this issue and his addiction of A.I Jerry turns darker and darker. At this point we can’t deny Leo is totally addicted to Friendo. 

A.I Jerry and big Corporation

I am just going to put this out there, I am not a big fan of Jerry at all, like even slightly. He is a total bad egg. Leo is a vulnerable young man who Jerry and ‘Corporation’ take advantage of. We see more of ‘Corporation’ and the people behind Friendo and Jerry, and they as as false as what they have created. They are just concerned with numbers and share prices, not what is going out right outside their windows.. 


Visually, Friendo is a feast; Simmonds, Cunniffe and Esposito combined are a force to be reckoned with. The designs of the characters, especially the way Jerry is portrayed, is perfectly aligned with Leo’s loose grip on reality. 

Jerry orbits Leo, infecting his choices, actions and mind, bending him to his sinister will and ‘corporate’ agenda. He is like Casper the sinister consumerist ghost.

Final Thoughts

Paknadel is tell a really important tale through Friendo about consumerism, addiction and big corporations. At times Friendo is uncomfortable to read but it is SO important.Paknadel shines a light on  the ugly truth about society today and sparks a conversation that we need to have! How do we deal with shopping and technology addictions? How do we fight big corporations? 

Friendo #2 is out November 7th worldwide, you can pick it up in any good comic retail but Big Bang Dublin  and Forbidden Planet London have a limited number of exclusive variants!  

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