Friendo #3- Preview

Friendo #3

Writer- Alex Paknadel

Illustrator- Martin Simmonds

Colours- Dee Cunnifee

Letters- Taylor Esposito

Publisher- Vault comics

Those of you who have been following us gals for a while will know how much we adore Vault Comics and all the incredible writers and artists who publish work through them. A particular favourite of mine is the series Friendo, created by the impeccably talented; Alex Paknadel, Martin Simmonds, Dee Cunniffe and Taylor Esposito. I first picked up Friendo from ThoughtBubble in September 2018 and I have not been able to put it down since!

What’s new in issue 3?

Friendo #3 follows directly on from #2 and things have gone from bad to seriously much much worse. I am going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible so you can experience the twists and turns for yourself first. It is safe to say, Friendo #3 does not relent, as the tale unravels we’re drawn further and further down this rabbit hole of; addictions that are spiralling out of control, big business literally playing with human lives and we see the harsh reality of lengths people will go to be ‘successful’. Buckle in, you’re in for a wild ride!

Friendo 3
Uhoh Leo

Won’t someone help Leo?

Leo is having a decidedly bad time and still there is no one to help him in fact, big corporation has arrived and they’re here to make him an offer he really should refuse!

I genuinely like Leo as a wobbly protagonist and I hope for the sake of his health, both mental and physical that one day he’ll catch a break. But that is not looking likely! Especially whilst he has the manic and pretty deranged Jerry whispering in his ear!

New friends for Leo?

We are introduced to a whole host of new characters in this issue, none of whom want to look after Leo and help him get his life back on track!

I could not help but quite like The Cremator, especially his outfit! I look forward to seeing how this new game of cat and mouse will transpire.

The more we learn about this incredible corrupt new world that Alex has created the more we start to despair for Leo, is there anyway for him to crawl back to a sense of normality? Or is his card marked? Has big corporation got him on a leash forever?

Friendo is the comic we need

Friendo is the absolute perfect example of a compelling narrative highlighting huge societal issues, the creators do not shy away from really highlighting and presenting the issues that we face in society on a day to day basis. Friendo is an intense read, we are forced to examine our attitudes towards consumerism, technology addictions and big corporation owning our souls, but these are conversations we need to be having!

Friendo is categorically one of the MOST important comics out there, it should serve as a warning and a reminder that we are worth more then the possessions we own and selling your soul to big corp only ends well for them!

Friendo #3 is out Wednesday 19th December! So get in touch with your comic guy or gal and get it all added to your pull list this NCBD.

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