Frightmare City: Comic Book Review

Frightmare City: Comic Book Review

Creator and writer: AC Turner

Art, Pencils, Inks: Fabio Alves, Ulises Carpintero, Ivan David, Toni Doya, Marcos Lima

More info can be found here and you can read the comic here.

 Welcome to Fear City

New York has long been the backdrop for many a great story, and Frightmare City is no different.

Creator AC Turner one day recalled an old pamphlet issued by the NYPD entitled “Welcome to Fear City”. Distributed to warn people of the dangers lurking around every corner of a violent NYC, the pamphlet was more than just a cautionary tale. Turner’s mind wandered, of course. What if something more was facing the authorities? Something more inexplicable and insidious than a conventional crime? Oh, but aren’t we glad Turner’s mind wandered down that dark and dimly lit path because it ambled right into Frightmare City…


Very very frightening…

Frightmare City free-to-read anthology of short horror comics that can be found on the most easily navigable site ever. Turner and his impressive roster of international artists bring us a new story on the first of every month and will do so for a full year before compiling the lot into a TPB. So, let’s head into the city, eh?



Beautiful Frightmare

The whole “good things come in small packages” was almost certainly penned about Frightmare City. While each story is only a matter of pages long, nothing is lost in their ephemerality. Each tale brings its own distinctive monochromatic style. From blocky blacks and expansive whites to Ben Day freckled greyscale, Frightmare City does a phenomenal job of imbuing each new story with a distinct sense of purpose and personality.




Bright Frights, Big City

Each issue of Frightmare City beings us a new horror to discover, and new characters that you shouldn’t become too attached to…

Urban myths and legends abound, interwoven with real New York lives. Tropey maybe, but oh how I love those classic plot lines with twists you know are coming, but are delightful nonetheless. Scratch tropey, we’ll go for classic.

Maybe you’re new to horror, or to comics. Maybe you want an easy, engaging, and accessible combination of the two, or maybe you just want something beautiful and creepy. You certainly need look no further. Frightmare City is simple and delightful, and absolutely one to watch.

(Psst…if you want even more horror, check out our special horror sectionyou know we love a fright here at Valks HQ….)


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