Future chapter 1: An incredible tale of love and space

Future chapter 1 review 

Writer- Tom Woodman

Art- Rupert Smissen

Future is outstanding.

Right, now that is out of the way on to the actual reviewing of Future thing,

How does the Future look?

Future is about married couple Murray and Kay, Murray is the last remaining astronaut on earth and she is gravely ill. Kay is an engineer and utterly devoted to her wife but she is also scheming a plan. The world is going to end and the only person who might have a chance at saving it is Murray, but she won’t be going it alone, Kay is of course by her side. It’s a science fiction tale at its heart but it is steeped in realism and a real example of dedication, love, and fighting against all the odds. It struck me as a tale that is reminiscent of the likes of Interstellar, our heroes must sacrifice themselves for the good of the world.

The art of Future

The photo-realistic artwork is both beautiful and haunting, I especially like the design of the panels that are set in rain-soaked London and in space.

There is one particular page that really sunk its claws in and had me thinking about it for a while afterward. You can feel the despair from Murray, the helplessness from Kay, but in their embrace, the comfort they glean from one another. It is almost a moment so intimate we feel like we shouldn’t be invading their moment with our un-worthy eyes.

The school of philosophical thoughts concerned with art and is the Aesthetics and one of their primary discussions was based on what makes art art and how we quantify what art has value.  Kant detailed his enjoyment of art as

“..a result of please from sensation, but with reflective contemplation introduced-“

By all accounts, I think the Aesthics would agree with my statement that the page (below) is one of the most evocative pages we’ve seen in many a comic book.

panel from future, couple embrace in the rain,
Also, Tom, I am going to need a patch like that

Thoughts when reading Future

Future chapter 1 is something I read, then again and then another few times before even putting pen to paper. Which is not my normal reviewing practice. Normally I jot down notes as I go, read through a few times and pad out the notes. However with Future I wanted nothing to interrupt the reading experience.

Tom has created an intriguing narrative that will have you devouring the pages. As I swiped to the last page I, out loud, exclaimed “No!” (I was in the middle of a busy Costa so thanks!), I was so enthralled I had not realised the end was approaching!

The Future is honest

Something that this chapter of Future really shows me is how incredibly honest and goddamn human Tom’s created these characters and this story to be. No matter how much drear and despair we feel for the characters. Murray and Kay keep fighting, led by their hears and devotion.

Their personalities are so strong, these are not the copy and pasted “strong shining” heroes. These are flawed women, whom I will do anything to protect from here out. Tom has done something in his first chapter that some seasoned writers haven’t managed in a series. He has created two characters who are so engaging, that I care for them, I WANT them to succeed. I really want them to live happily ever after, maybe with a few cats.


Future is a tale about space, heroism, desperation and at the very heart of it all? It is a tale about love and sacrifice.

Future is still being funded through unbound.com and if you only back one project this year, make the right choice, let it be this one!

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