GIGA: Comic Book Review

GIGA: Comic Book Review

Writer: Alex Paknadel
Art: John Lê
Colours: Rosh
Letters: Aditya Bidikar
Covers: Nathan Gooden, Tim Daniel
Sensitivity Reader: Danny Lore
Publisher: Vault Comics


In a world as strange and unusual as this, it seems only a matter of time before giant mechs become a (more) normal part of our lives. In GIGA, these eponymous, towering robots exist as humanity’s new home and belief system. Upon engineer Evan’s discovery of a “murdered” Giga, the world as he knows it stands to be thrown into chaos.


Immediately, the are style and colours of GIGA are captivating. These choices pull you into the world and submerge you in its tech, grime, oil, and viscera. While we’re here, it’s the characters that make us want to stay. It’s a testament to to Alex’s talent that every piece of dialogue exchanged feels so genuine. In a universe so removed, we are presented with relationships that are believable and honest; achingly so, in fact.

From splash pages full of big sky and hard metal to the placement and layout of panels, the pacing and aesthetic of GIGA are spot on. The ambiance the two create in tandem is really special, and something that works perfectly with the way Alex tells his story through characters and their relationships. Clever (and pretty) stuff.

It’s impossible not to see Aditya in the lettering of GIGA; each example is executed so seamlessly and subtly it couldn’t have been anyone else, really. The small touches – the changes in speech bubble shape from Evan to Laurel and the wonderfully raw SFX lettering – everyone in his field needs to look to Aditya, the North Star of lettering.

Mr Robot 

The representation of our protagonist Evan and his disability is undertaken incredibly well. His situation is not the Only Thing That Matters to or about his character. It’s wildly refreshing to see. There are no questions or suffocating references, however the difficulties he faces are not ignored, either. He just is. It’s great. 

Different storylines come into play throughout GIGA, and keep you hooked into wanting to find out just how they plan to converge. It’s a heck of a first issue to grab you attention and keep it through its tone changes, intrigue, and atmosphere.


A Good Vintage

A special mention, too, must go to Vault’s Vault Vintage homage to classic covers. With new talent riffing on and re-imagining classic covers, we get to see some pretty special variants – GIGA is no exception.

It’s hard to find fault with GIGA; especially among its more technical elements. It’s absolutely one to watch for any fans of robots, humans, or the art of comic book creation. GIGA is shaping up to be a series that can’t be missed.



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