Going to the Chapel: Comic Book Review

Going to the Chapel: Comic Book Review

Writer: David Pepoes
Art: Gavin Guidry
Colours: Liz Kramer
Letters: Ariana Maher, Colin Bell
Variant Covers: Lisa Sterle, Maan House, Gavin Guidry, Sweeny Boo, Emily Pearson, Johanna the Mad
Publisher: Action Lab


Going to the Chapel and we’re gonna get married

Weddings, eh? They never do seem to go according to plan. Emily and Jesse’s big day is, of course, no exception. Going to the Chapel is a fondant-coloured adventure of epic proportions. Emily and Jesse are getting married, and Emily’s super-rich parents spared no expense. Their beloved daughter Emily is set to walk down the aisle wearing the spectacular Heart of Dresden necklace, however the invaluable gems have caught the eyes of more than a few people, including some familiar faces…

Get me to the church on time

Going to the Chapel is an absurd and hugely fun read. The characters within these pages are realised to perfection, so much so that you see someone you know in every person at Emily and Jesse’s wedding. From wildly inappropriate grandparents to desperate and lecherous groomsmen, you’ll have a name come to mind for every person in that room. I promise.

However fantastically far-fetched the story line of Going to the Chapel may be, the dialogue and interaction are natural and comfortable throughout. Each character has their own distinct tone and voice, and considering this is such a short run, that’s an accomplishment. As such, Going to the Chapel is a read so easy that you can’t help but fly through it. It’s a perfect one evening binge read.


I can hear the bells…

Heartwarming and heart-wrenching all at once, Going to the Chapel combines humour, confusion, and honesty and gift-wraps the lot, leaving a thoughtful note on the box, too. The art works in perfect harmony with the story and writing style, creating an entire aesthetic around the four issues. Clean, bold, classic, but with a modern twist. If you want a look at genuinely moving and panel-making lettering, check out Ariana Maher’s back catalogue – Going to the Chapel is no exception. Colour palettes are the hues of dreams, with dusky roses and regal purples dominating most pages. White gutters and bold, black panel outlines go back over to that gift-wrapped box and put a beautiful crisp bow on it. It’s just so attractive to read.

All of this, of course, if without even mentioning the array of beautiful variant covers throughout the four issues. We’re lucky enough to see covers from some of the coolest artists of the moment, including a personal favourite from another personal favourite, Lisa Sterle.

Going to the Chapel of love

Going to the Chapel really is a delight. Every panel not only looks beautiful, but feels truly imbued with the chaos one might expect of a wedding…but this one might go off with more of a bang than your usual nuptial agreement. Chalk this beauty up for “comics I want to make into a film” – but then again, it’s pretty perfect as it is.


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