The Psychic Awakening: 50 Shades of Grey Knights

50 Shades of Grey Knights (#Lorehammer)

We aren’t just bringing you the same old tabletop news here at the Valks, we’re diving into the lore and stories behind certain armies, factions, and characters, too! #LOREHAMMER. We want to offer you a variety of content in this new segment, from new releases to spotlights and chats – we don’t like to leave you wanting. Let us know what you think, and check out our previous Warhammer article on the inimitable Sisters of Battle here. For now though, let’s talk about Grey Knights! (Don’t worry, Dark Angels fans, we have fun stuff coming for you soon, too…)

Psychic Awakening

The Psychic Awakening is upon us, and our favourite Crimson troublemaker has something big and pretty sinister in the works*. The Ritual of the Damned is drawing ever closer and it seems that the hopes of pumping the breaks may be fading across the galaxy. That is, until some silver-clad space boys step in. Secretive though they are, the Grey Knights might need to come out of the shadows to take down more of the very foes they were created to destroy. But who exactly are the Grey Knights, and how did they come to be the shield humanity so desperately needed?

* Let the record show that I am a Magnus fan – Chaos is a ladder and I’m gonna climb it. 


grey knights ensemble
Squad goals tbh


If there’s something daemonic in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call..?

The founding and the very existence of the Grey Knights is a story of mystery, falsehoods, and half-truths. Those who claim to know the truth do not, and those who do know, know it only in part…and that is just the way the Grey Knights like it.

Created during the twilight of the Horus Heresy, the Emperor of Mankind knew that even upon Horus’s defeat, his war would be far from over. You know what they say about winning battles, eh? There were more malevolent threats at work than his rowdy kids, and the Emperor knew that his most enduring and indefatigable foe was Chaos itself.


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TFW you forget to take your armour off before trying your new Lush bath bomb :/


Legend states that the Emperor turned to his most trusted servant, Malcador the Sigilite, with this very problem. The task at hand was no small feat, and one that few could accomplish. Malcador, however, was among those few. Upon learning of the bloodbath on Istvaan III, Malcador was summoned and given the mission of finding a group of charges whose loyalty, and above all, whose mental fortitude was beyond question and so unbendable by Chaos. It would be these chosen who would become the fabled blade against Chaos. They would become the beginning of the Grey Knights.


Related image
“Malcador, look casual, ur crush is coming over”


Grey Knights…Assemble!

After some time, N̶i̶c̶k̶ ̶F̶u̶r̶y̶ ̶ Malcador returned with his s̶u̶p̶e̶r̶h̶e̶r̶o̶e̶s̶ ̶ aspirants assembled. Finding his way back to the Emperor’s side amidst the throes of battle, Malcador stood with 12 men. From far and wide were the candidates selected. They had been chosen for their unique and innate abilities from across millions of planets. Four of these men were lords, noble of birth and of prestigious standing. The remaining eight were Space Marines. Crucially, these power-armoured prospectives all possessed particularly potent psyker proficiencies, which we can all agree is very fun to say out loud. Their skills had been dormant; unused and unrefined as per the ruling of the Council of Nikaea (which decreed that Space Marines with psychic powers posed to great a threat, and therefore their skills must remain unused – story for another time, that one).

These chosen dozen cast aside any and all previous allegiance to Legions or otherwise, and left for one of the moons of Saturn and future home of the Grey Knights – Titan. The four lords formed what would later become better known as the Inquisition – a group relentless in their rooting out of Heresy in the Imperium. The Space Marines, however, became a little more hands-on. Implanted with gene-seed from the Emperor himself, these eight were more than just Space Marines, they became M&S Space Marines (Malcador-ian & Silver). (That joke worked well in my head. We’ll let it sit for a little bit, see how it sounds, we can revisit it, it’s no big deal).


When they say the house party won’t get too out of hand then electricity and Warp stuff comes out of your mom’s favourite pasta bowl for no reason


The Grey Knight Rises

Before long, during his time working on the formation of the Grey Knights, Malcador was summoned back to Terra. The situation there was coming to a head, and the Imperium was holding its breath for what could be a final Traitor attack. Upon his departure, Malcador appointed Ianus (Janus to his mates) to keep the boys in line and continue his work. No TV after 8 and bed by 9pm.

As any good parent would, the first thing Malcador did when he arrived back on Terra was to wrap Titan in a blanket. Well, less of a blanket, more of a psychic ward; a veil around the moon that would keep it safe and hide it from reality. This was a profound and calculated act of protection for his fledgling army, created as the last hope for humanity, and one that was as profound as it was impressive in its skill. Then he lobbed that moon right into the Warp. Just flung it right over. It was in this swirling, ever-changing flux that Titan would ride out the final, bloody battle of the Imperium. During this Warp-sabbatical, the Grey Knights remained hard at work; building, growing, and readying themselves.


Image result for grey knights art
When people try and get on the train before you have gotten off so you have to assert dominance so you don;t miss your stop

Veiled in secrecy they will be

Mere years after the end of the Horus Heresy (though decades had passed in the Warp – all that wibbly-wobbley timey-wimey), Titan returned, as did the Grey Knights. Added covertly to the records of the Adeptus Terra by their Inquisitor Lords, the Grey Knights were here, thousands strong, and ready to fight that most insidious enemy, the very one they were created to defeat – Chaos.

Even stories of their battle have a healthy does of mystery. Those who have fought alongside the Grey Knights remember only power and silver. That is, if they remember anything at all.

Now, it seems, comes one of their greater challenges; big, red, and full of Chaos. I guess we’ll have to see how the Grey Knights stand up to Magnus himself…and don’t worry, all you Dark Angels fans, we’ll be chatting about them soon!

Psychic Awakening: The Ritual of the Damned is available for pre-order now, and will be released on 25/01/2020.

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