Grip: Combat Racing Xbox1 Review

Grip Review

Developer: Caged Element
PublisherWired Productions
GenreRacing video game
PlatformsPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

We picked up a copy of Grip: Combat Racing ahead of the general release in the last few weeks and having played through many of the tracks, game styles, jazzed up our cars to no end we’ve now put together our thoughts!

Grip combat racing screenshot xbox game

What is the gist of Grip?

Grip: Combat Racing, is a racing video game developed by Caged Element and published by Wired Productions. The aim of the game is victory, whether that be by being the fastest, getting the most kills or by being the last racer standing. In Grip you play to win and be prepared to play dirty! The players race through the tracks at absolutely mind bending speeds, seriously I hit like 600mph at one point! However, racers do not just go from A to B, there is an advantage to be gained through grabbing power ups and driving through boost pads.

One of the real unique and frankly excellent aspects of Grip is your ability to not just tear up the track, but also the wall and the ceiling as well. In fact it is actively encouraged!

Game styles

There are a few game styles to choose from in Grip including; campaign, online and split screen modes. When just starting out I would seriously recommend hitting up the campaign first to help you get to grips .. with the controls and also the feeling of dancing driving on the ceiling. The campaign also gives you a taste of the different battle modes and the tracks you’ll be shredding through the tiered tournament style progression system.

Race modes include;

Standard race- be the fastest.

Time trails- beat the clock

Elimination- last across the line is toast

Arena modes include;

Death match- destroy other racers

Carkour- beat the challenges

Grip. Combat racing screen shot

Power ups

There are a few different power ups you can pick up through the races, some are defensive and some are for outright attack, these include missiles, lasers, shields and straight up speed boosts. Use these to gain the upper hand over your opponent or to just really annoy your player 2! My personal favourite power up is the missile, line it up with the driver ahead and let loose!


One thing we feel we must say is that although the high octane experience Grip provides is seriously fun…. it is also seriously rage inducing! The sheer speed at which you rocket round the track does result in racers flying off the track and into oblivion, and if you are me.. flying off a lot. Now the assisted response is great, you are back on track in no time. however between you catapulting to your death and firing your engines back up you’ve gone from 1st to last in the blink of an eye!

Once you have mastered the corners, ramps and whole not flying off the track thing, then you are in for a great ride.

Grip combat racing


The visuals throughout Grip are solid, we can really see that a-lot of time and care has gone into the construction of each race track and surroundings. Considering the incredible speeds, we experienced no issues with frame rate or tearing or lag in the online modes, all in all Grip is a really well constructed game.

Final thoughts

Grip, for many players is the spiritual successor for the early PlayStation title Rollcage. It is easy to see where Grip plays homage to Rollcage and games like Wipeout. However Grip also brings us a myriad of modern and unique elements. Grip is a great pick up and go game, whether you have hours or just minutes to play you’ll have a lot of fun tearing up the tracks.

Playing Grip split screen is very reminiscent of the arcade racers we played growing up and it felt wonderfully nostalgic but also right at the front. It pushes the bounds of what a racer is capable of delivering.

We recommend picking up a copy of Grip if you are looking for some old school fun, it is an absolute MUST for Xbox players as it is currently free to play through Gamepass!

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