Gryffen- The hero we need, might need some help..


Written by Ben Kahn

Illustrations by Bruno Hidalgo

Letters by Sal Cipriano 

Colour Assistances by James Penafiel

Captain Lyla Gryffen dedicated their life to the Sovereign Reach. A veteran of missions on a dozen worlds, they were the pride of humanity. Six months ago, they disappeared at the edge of the galaxy. One week ago, they returned…

A bunch of space punks led by Captain Gryffen

I just want to say now that, Anarchy in the Milky Way is one of the best lines I had ever had the pleasure of reading. Okay on with reviewing Gryffen. 

Gryffen explodes into life with every second and onto every panel. They are an unapologetically hard and unabashed space caption who is not afraid to ruffle feathers or to run someone through with a big ass sword over some jelly. I mean we’ve all been there, right?

gryffen comic book pink hair protagonist

If we were to give Captain Lyla Gryffen an RPG alignment they would totally be Chaotic good, They are fighting oppression and they are the good guy in their mind and for their cause, however, they love bloodshed, chaos and just winging it. I can imagine Captain Gryffen leading the charge on many space caper adventures and misadventures as it may be. 

Storming the scene 

This is a fearless start to a series, Ben and Bruno have not tiptoed onto the comic scene with this issue. They have blasted a hole in the side of the S.S Comic World and stormed in. I adore them for it. Ben has very definitely got something to say and they’re not afraid of saying it, furthermore, they have created an antifascist space opera that is not only going to be very important but is immensely good fun as well, 

Punktastic and Fantastic 

Visually Gryffen is a riot. Bruno, Sal and James have perfectly captured the tone of Bens work and created a vividly animated and intriguing look for the series. I loved the overt cartoon-style illustrations paired with the bloodshed and explosions.


It is a juxtaposition I am always a fan off, like in movies where there is a super preppy pop song alongside a fight scene. If Gryffen was a feature or a cartoon I can imagine it would have a totally slamming soundtrack full of punk hits, some Blondie and some pop for good measure. 

Final thoughts 

I heartily enjoyed Gryffen and look forward to seeing what sort of adventure we are about to blast off on. Something I always enjoy is a ragtag bunch of miscreants hightailing it from the law into an adventure that will change them forever. I do not know whether that is thanks to being able to see more of myself in these flawed anarchists then perfectly molded moralistic gods, or if its in addition to loving a healthy bit of chaos and fire in my pages. 

But Ben has captured it all, you can’t help being intrigued as to what is going on, very little is revealed in this first episode. Which is by no means a criticism, it simply reinforced my interest and excitment to see what will happen next. We feel like we are being dragged along for the ride with Gryffen. 

You can check out the first issue of Gryffen on Comixology now!

The second issue will be coming out on May 15th! 

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