Hey Turtle Review – love & pain is a beautiful combination


Hey Turtle game review

Developer- Sleeper Cell AB

Game Director,  Programming- Arshak Ardeshir

Writer- Alexandra Dahlberg

Illustrations- Luisa Zay


Hey Turtle is about Relationships

Relationships can be bloody tricky, can’t they? In this beautifully worded story by Alexandra Dahlberg and developed by Sleeper Cell AB you get to experience just how difficult being in love is – the lust, the compromises, and how far you would go for the one you love – or maybe it just all becomes too much in the end and you need to let go? Hey Turtle is an emotional journey experienced through a chat app that will test your heart and hit home to anyone who has been through a turbulent relationship.

The player is thrown into the start of a text conversation – which is where the entire game is based – between you and Dana who you have recently started dating after working together in the same office for years. As with the start of any blossoming relationship, the texts are a little risqué, flirty and with so many puns you can’t help but laugh along – mostly due to you cringing at how you used to do this too!

As the initial lust starts to fade and you find yourself and Dana getting into the more complexities of a relationship that include moving in together quite quickly and thus starts the turn of events that unearths the darker side to love. You are given choices in how to respond to each text Dana sends you so it is up to the player on how they want to the narrative to turn out.


More options 

I really enjoyed this aspect of the game, but I think my only critique would be that I would have loved more options on how to respond – most gave me the option I would have chosen myself while others left me wanting to say something completely different. The illustrations by artist Luisa Zay were wonderfully placed throughout the gameplay, although I would have loved to have seen much more, they captivated the relationship pretty well in its simplistic yet unassuming style.

Without wanting to give away too many spoilers, towards the second half of the game you are made to face some hard facts regarding Dana and subsequently how you want to proceed with your relationship. The dialog used throughout Hey Turtle is extremely intimate and well done, so much so that you feel like this is actually happening to you and you need to take a moment to grab a cup of tea, put your phone down, and come back to reality again.


Whichever way you decide to progress in this game with your choices, you will most definitely come away a little emotionally drained. This is not insinuating that that is a bad thing because we really do need more games that make us feel, think, and understand the complexities of love and life, but it certainly leaves an everlasting thought in your mind on love, life and the process of understanding who we really are beneath it all.

Overall Impression

Hey Turtle is a very short game. Completing it from start to finish will take you around 30/40 minutes and this is perfect for those train journeys to work or waiting for appointments. In my experience, the time frame of a good game isn’t as important as the quantity of the gameplay and Hey Turtle has this in abundance in its short span of time. For 99p on Andriod and iOS, you really can’t go wrong.

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