IND-XED: Comic Book Review

IND-XED: Comic Book Review

Writer: Fraser Campbell
Artist: Lucy Sullivan
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Logo design: Alasdair Wood

IND-XED goes live on Kickstarter September 25th 2020.

IND-XED is one of those apropos creations that comes along at exactly the right time. Meredith lives in a world removed from, however not so very different from our own. Meredith has been IND-XED; marked as a non-human, a worthless asset. As a result, her family and her connections to the life she once had have all been stripped away. She is alone and must find her own way. Meredith doesn’t know why she just knows that this is the way it always has been for the IND-XED. Alone by force and design, Meredith begins her journey into The City in search of answers.


IND-XED, due for launch on KickStarter this September 25th, is a clear product of the times in which we have all been living. Whilst Meredith’s world reminds us of the heavy, oppressive dystopias we know from the likes of 1984 or Fahrenheit 451, there is still plenty that rings true to life right now. It is an uneasy line to treat, however with the talent we have behind this comic, it’s no surprise they absolutely stick the landing.

The art style in IND-XED is quintessentially Lucy. With her unmistakable mix of sketchy freneticism, sweeping strokes, and playing with negative space, she creates a world that you can’t help but feel trapped by. Add into this her limited but wonderfully effective use of colours in her neon pink and blue futuristic accents, and you get a sense of how easy it can be to stand out for the wrong reasons. Speaking of fluo pink, Alasdair’s use of that bright, unmistakable colour on the index card logo sits in perfect contrast with the grimy, sepia world we are plunged into. Great stuff.

Letters for Words

Fraser is quite the wordsmith, and not just in comics. You can always tell when a great writer is putting words in front of you. You can tell because it’s never the grandiose, coursing, bravura swathes of words that take you in, nor the metaphors or similes or clichés being thrown around like rice at a wedding (see what I did there?). Instead, it’s the small stuff. It’s the short, quick sentences that hit you square in the jaw They are the best bit, and there are plenty to be found in IND-XED.

Then, of course, we have the ineffable Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Without a doubt, Hassan is one of my favourite letterers in the game. Hassan letters in a way whereby you forget you’re reading. This talent is only underlined by the implementation of one of my favourite style choices in comics; doing away with narration boxes. In making the text and illustration one, you get that wholly immersive experience that is integral to Meredith’s world. We are not just living through this alongside Meredith, but on our own, too – and this triforce of talent has you feel that with every page.



Who better, really, than the writer himself to sum up this comic? Fraser describes IND-XED as an examination of “a quiet kind of defiance”. I could go on for days without finding such a concise and poignant description. I told you he was good at the small stuff. While we are all sanding down our jagged edges and breaking parts off to fit in, we pay no mind to the fact that we were alright as we were. IND-XED takes this idea of the whip-cracking, domineering society and dials it up to 11. Through IND-XED, we’re told that other people know how we feel, and we’re not alone. It’s a great comfort, in an aching kind of way.

KickStart Me Up

Like we said, IND-XED hits Kickstarter on September 25th 2020, with tiers offering really unique rewards, from variant covers (by Becca Carey and Paul Peart-Smith), to original art and prints. IND-XED is a comic that you’ll buy, and when you re-read it in five years time, you’ll be reminded of so much of the out-of-place world of now. That feeling, I think, is priceless. Back it as soon as you can, you won’t regret it – not even in five years time.

Check out our interview with Lucy Sullivan on her incredible graphic novel Barking on Spotify.

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