It’s all Dungeons & Dragons to me… D&D where to begin?

Dungeons & Dragons, where to start?

I’m a Dungeons & Dragons novice, the closest I’ve ever gotten to playing a game is watching Stranger Things. But, I desperately want to learn to play, and when a friend created a Dungeons & Dragons group and let me join in, I had a lot to learn before I started my first game. 

So, in this article, I thought I would share the most helpful videos I found on youtube, during my search! 

Tabletop Terrors

Tabletop Terrors have been incredibly useful in this journey, as they start from the absolute beginning, without assuming you have any prior knowledge whatsoever. They go through just exactly what D&D entails, whether you’ve played something similar before, and just what all those dice are for! 

This whole series has proven very useful, I’m currently only a third of the way through at the moment, but I would not know a thing about Dungeons & Dragons without them! 

Something more compact?

If you don’t have nearly an hour for each video, there are a lot of other, shorter videos to choose from!

I started with this one from Sherlock Hulmes: 

This video series also gives the basics of the rules, just what Dungeons & Dragons is all about, then goes into character creation! These ones are easily digestible, and while maybe not for complete beginners, I still found them useful. 

Short Dungeons & Dragons sessions

What was most helpful for me though, was sample game sessions. I’d watched all those ‘how to play’ videos, without actually feeling like I knew what the game was about. Finding a reasonably short video was tough, as the more famous videos, like Critical Role, are three hours long, and I’ve been a bit too busy to even go there during the week, but I did find a few shorter videos as well:

This video was the first one I found, and it was the most useful! At only 14 minutes, it gave me the basics of how a game works, how players and Dungeon Masters talk to each other, how the dice work – it was fantastic! In a lot of ways, I feel like it could be best to start with this video, then go back to the ‘how to play/rules/character creation’ run throughs, as it gave me a solid idea of just how the game actually runs. 

And that is my top three videos/series to watch if you want to get into Dungeons and Dragons! I’ve yet to play a game myself, as our DM is busy until the new year , but these videos have given me a really good, solid base to work from when the time comes. 

I hope it does the same for you! 

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