Killtopia 2 Back into the dystopian fray

Killtopia 2

Writer: Dave Cook

Artist: Craig Patton

Flats: Ludwig Olimba

Letters: Micah Myers

Killtopia never fails to deliver

Killtopia is one of those series that never fails to deliver. Killtopia 1 was one of the highlights of my comic year last year and the boys are back with the next instalment, its louder, brasher and more intense then ever.

Issue 1 and 2 are examples of how comics should be made; the pacing, the lettering, the panels, narrative and the art just flows and comes together in a beautiful neon, cyber, cacophony. And it is a thing of true beauty.

There are clear influences from Akira, but jacked to 11 with a whole bucket load of feelings thrown in. The ‘last supper’ panel is a thing of beauty.

I <3 Stiletto forever

I’m glad to report that I do still love Stiletto and i’m glad that we get to see more of her and learn more about her history and her childhood. Alongside stiletto, blaze waltzes in with her pink hair and her spiky jacket, she might be my new favourite.

blaze killtopia neon cybderpunk


There is so much happening in Killtopia 2

Killtopia might be finally cyberpunk done right, it isn’t just dudes with Mohawks. It is a dystopian, super tech vision of the future. Where big corporations rule and the poor people suffer. Looking st the state of the world today- its not all together that difficult to envision a future like this. A particularly poignant theme that runs through is the characters ownership- King Kaiju owned by Kaiju Cola born if them. Stiletto may be her own person but she is still beholden to the fans and her stock figures. Shes not a person but a commodity.

Something that, despite the high flying action helps keep killtopia’s feet on the ground, is how well Dave captures human nature. We feel Shinji’s desperation to help Omi, his unbound willingness to do what is right. But, more them that Stiletto’s fans we see the really fickle nature of humans right in front of us. And i wager mo one can dispute it. You only need to take to twitter after an event or interview to see how quickly ‘love’ turns to rabid frothing contempt.

For years to come

It is easy for me to predict that in the nit to distant future Killtopia will be sighted as the influence behind so many fledgling comic creators. Whether down to the characters and world creation by Craig, the neon wonderland colours of Ludwig, the considered letters of Micah or the master class in writing by Dave.

Watch this space- these boys are not here to play- they’re here to wreck.

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