Killtopia Volume 3

Killtopia Volume 3

Writer: Dave Cook

Artist: Clark Bint

Colours: NL Ashworth

Letters: Micah Myers

Published: BHP comics

Our review of Volume 2


Killtopia is set in future Japan, a sci-fi high tech super state, full of gangs, soldiers, big corps and killer mechs. Shinji, a rookie mech hunter from the lower levels and his sidekick, a robot named Crash, are fighting against the clock to find a cure for a deadly nano-disease. The same disease that’s killing Shinji’s sister Omi. 

Volume  3 certainly starts with a bang…

Killtopia volume 3 picks up after the dynamite cliffhanger of volume 2. Stilleto is wallowing in hiding, her days full of drink and drug-infused junk food. The story that series creator and writer, Dave Cook is telling continues to be confident and wildly entertaining. There are a few storylines intertwined throughout volume 3, however, these don’t get muddled or overly confusing, which serves as a testament to Dave’s skill as a storyteller and keeps us glued to the page. 

A word to the wise, reading volumes 1 and 2 is a must to really appreciate the intricacies of the characters and the world the creators are developing. Starting here would be like starting a 3-course meal midway through the main course. 

Neon-soaked mania

Fans of the series will notice a difference in this volume of Killtopia. Now, I will be the first to admit a change in the artist has killed a series for me before. But, here we’re in no such danger. Clark Bint has now picked up the neon-soaked mantle, though his style may differ from the previous volume It is perfectly in keeping with the mind-melting and more chaotic themes of this volume. It’s a smooth and seamless transition and the future volume are safe in Clark’s hands. 

Alongside these visuals are the larger than life, vivid colours from NL Ashworth. I’ve always enjoyed the rainbow, neon-drenched colours of Killtopia, how they shouldn’t work with the gritty hyper-violence of the narrative but they really do. Micah Myer’s letters are the icing on the big, bloody, noisy Killtopia cake. Micah’s letters help move us along panel by panel, delivering the killer story with ease and style. 

Consistently delivering

Killtopia is easily one of the most consistent series, it continues to deliver volume after volume. This world, created initially by Dave Cook, is elevated issue after issue by the skills of this creative team. Ideal for fans of Cyberpunk aesthetics, Akira, big mechs and a lot of bloodshed! 

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