King of Seas

King of Seas

Developer: 3DClouds
Publisher: Team17
Genres: RPG, Adventure game
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Hoist the mainsail!

From Team17, the developers who brought us the incredible couch co-op games, Overcooked and Moving Out, along with the Worms franchise and Golf With Your Friends, King of Seas is a single-player action RPG where players are able to navigate their way through a procedurally generated pirate world.

Something lurks beneath the surface

The world is slowly being taken over by voodoo magic, and your father has been killed on the throne whilst you’re out on your first journey. The town turns against you, accuses you of the unspeakable and leaves you in the wreck of your ship for dead. Luckily a band of pirates take you in and help you work towards speaking the truth.

You’ve got the helm now

With no massive tutorial, it really allows you to just dive into the gorgeous environment but gives you a lot of information very quickly, making it rather overwhelming. Although the controls are relatively basic and the objectives are simple with go to A  then to B pick up and drop off vibes, once docked in places, there are a lot of different options to navigate with very little information. 

When sailing either between objectives or just exploring, there is a lack of musical score, leaving you with a soundtrack reminiscent of an ASMR track – this creates a perfect atmosphere for calming exploration. If you run into enemy ships, the music lets you know that it’s about to Go Down. Big hype music and big fights if you choose to retaliate, or initiate battle – if not, we head straight back into relaxation city, baby!

King of Seas guide: How to conquer ports and settlements

Pimp my ride, Galleon style 

There is a distinctly fun new approach to pirate ship combat in King of Seas with the addition of special abilities, whether that be aimed shark attacks or a literal flamethrower on the bow of your ship. This makes for more interesting combat alongside the general cannon usage.

Using the skill tree to upgrade your abilities and stats along with upgrading your armoury and ship through purchases made with the merchant and looting wrecks, also adds another dimension to this RPG allowing the player to become more invested in the journey as the character you have chosen to embody in this journey.

King of Seas Releases May 25th | Play the Demo Now! | Team17 Digital LTD -  The Spirit Of Independent Games

King of Seas, a mighty pirate adventure

I went into this game completely blind with only a game key and a love of Team17 as a company. I came out after experiencing a gorgeous score and equally gorgeous environment and character design. King of Seas is a delight to ingest both visually and audibly. Knowing that I really have only just scratched the surface of this game is crazy and I’m looking forward to seeing what Team17 comes out with next!

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