Let’s Talk Cosplay- Interview with Elise

Cosplay is a big part of many people’s lives, allowing them a chance to step into someone else’s shoes and escape from everyday life. With the rise of conventions sweeping the world, Cosplay is becoming something more and more people are getting into. As a result of this, communities of cosplayers are sprouting up. Some who meet up at different Cons to band together as a ‘Star Wars’ garrison or meeting at a movie release to be ‘The Avengers’. Something that is incredible about Cosplay is the level of detail that goes into the costumes, some spending hours and hours on working out the perfect colours, textiles and even going so far as to include advanced electronics!

We have asked a series of questions to each cosplayer in the hope that we can provide you all with some ideas on how to get started or some tips on how to develop your own craft further!

In this edition of Let’s Talk Cosplay we talk to Elise who is 36, from High Wycombe, UK.

  • How long have you been Cosplaying?

5 years

  • What inspired you to get started?

I had always been a fan of dressing up, and cosplay had always interested me. I went to my first con with my Uncle and decided that as I would be meeting Anthony Stewart Head that I would dress up as Drusilla for my photo with him.

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  • What would you say has been your biggest challenge to date?

I have issues with anxiety and depression, and sometimes I will attend cons on my own and it can be a big challenge to make the journey knowing that I will not be arriving with friends.

  • Which is your favorite Cosplay you have done so far?

Greta Gremlin – she was my second cosplay and is always very popular with guests and other cosplayers.

  • What has been your favorite Cosplay interaction you’ve had at a convention

 I absolutely love meeting younger cosplayers (under 10s). In particular I met a little girl dressed as Moana, and she was so happy to have her picture taken with me in my Greta Gremlin outfit that it made my day.

  • What, if any, difficulties have you encountered? 

I would say the biggest difficulty is people touching your cosplay without permission. I have had people try and touch the ear of my Gremlin cosplay and they are not fully secured so can fall and even break.

  • If you are happy to share, what future Cosplay do you have planned?

I am working on a number of new cosplays – Liv from iZombie, Hermione Granger (after the poly-juice potion) and Agnes from Despicable Me. The list is forever growing!

DSC_0633 (1).JPG
  • What advice would you give to someone looking to get started?

Just remember to have fun. Whether you are making everything from scratch or wearing something you have purchased, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are enjoying yourself that is the most important thing. Also, do not compare yourself to other cosplayers. Everyone that cosplays is different.

  • What items/ tools/ techniques would you say are imperative in a new Cosplayers tool kit?

If like me your cosplays heavily involve a lot of make-up practice a few times before con. Also, watching YouTube videos to learn different techniques is really helpful. After a few mishaps over the years I now make sure I have spirit gum and tape for cosplay emergencies! It can also be difficult to eat when in your cosplay, so I always take little bags of haribo to keep my energy up and straws so that I can drink throughout the day

Big ups to Elise for sharing some really great advice especially the reminder about straws, that is a really great tip and something to bare in mind if you’re thinking of making an intense cosplay with loads of facial make up or prosthetics! 

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