Let’s Talk Cosplay- Interview with Kirsty

Cosplay is a big part of many people’s lives, allowing them a chance to step into someone else’s shoes and escape from everyday life. With the rise of conventions sweeping the world, Cosplay is becoming something more and more people are getting into. As a result of this, communities of cosplayers are sprouting up. Some who meet up at different Cons to band together as a ‘Star Wars’ garrison or meeting at a movie release to be ‘The Avengers’. Something that is incredible about Cosplay is the level of detail that goes into the costumes, some spending hours and hours on working out the perfect colours, textiles and even going so far as to include advanced electronics!

We have asked a series of questions to each cosplayer in the hope that we can provide you all with some ideas on how to get started or some tips on how to develop your own craft further!

 On this edition we talk to Kirsty (PearShaped Brit/Cosplay) 28, London, UK

  •  How long have you been Cosplaying?

Well I started in 2010, so well nearly eight years

  •  What inspired you to get started?

I was part of my Uni’s anime society and the friends who I made in there were cosplaying- one group cosplay later and I was hooked.

  •  What would you say has been your biggest challenge to date?

That would be my current project- Widomaker Talon Skin-I’ve never actually done any foam armour work nor any weapon making. So it’s been really interesting how to work my brain around how to build and manage them.

  •  Which is your favorite Cosplay you have done so far?

Well there’s quite a few to choose from- but one has hands down been the Disney Hercules Group I did for October MCM con just gone (2017). It was just a bunch of mates having a laugh, singing disney songs and getting to make silly poses.

Hercules Group 2

Hercules Group 1

  •  What has been your favorite Cosplay interaction you’ve had at a convention?

That would be when I took my John Tracy from Thunderbirds 1965 to the Gerry Anderson fan convention “Fanderson” in September 2017. As this was all about the director who made these shows I had such a big positive review from everyone who attended as they all loved it.

John Tracy 1965

  •  What, if any, difficulties have you encountered?

Not getting my costume stepped on *laughs* or wearing anything white and trying to keep it that colour for the entire day.

  •  If you are happy to share, what future Cosplay do you have planned?

Well currently I’m working on three- though one of them I’m keeping secret- but the other two are is Overwatch Widomaker Talon Skin and a Wild West Slyveon Ginjka- to which I’ve taken more of a Doris Day wild west musical take on.

Wild West Slyveon Concept work

Wild West Slyeon Top and Bustle

Wild West Slyeon Full length shot

  •  What advice would you give to someone looking to get started?

Start simple to begin with, plan ahead of what your costume will need and what new skills you might need to learn and give yourself a lot of time.

  •  What items/ tools/ techniques would you say are imperative in a new Cosplayers tool kit?

Your imagination, patience, and ability to learn. But otherwise some thread, needle, sharp scissor and everyone’s favourite item- a glue gun.

Thanks to Kirsty for sharing with us some really great advice and some great cosplay ideas! You can keep up to date with Kirsty using the links below! 

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