Let’s Talk Movies: Horror Movies part 1

I love horror movies.

Now, the majority of the Valks girls love horror movies, it’s no secret and we’ve written several articles on them! (here and here). I, for one, am a huge fan, even though I started out life as quite the chicken when it came to horror movies. I know, it’s a pretty shocking revelation. In fact, I can recall going to the cinema to watch The Boogeyman and trying to very surreptitiously watch it through barely opened eyes. Looking back now, I can laugh at my younger fraidy-cat self, for now, well now I embrace the scares, whether it is ghosts, demons, possession, vamps or just some good old fashion serial murder sprees I embrace it all!


We’re talking all things horror movies

That’s what this series is all about, through the weeks we will be looking in a bit more detail at the sub-genres that exist under the big horror movie genre umbrella, and those genres are as follows;

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The ‘Supernatural’

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The ‘psychological’

Alongside examining various horror movies from these subgenres we will be spotlighting a few directors whom we consider to be true auteurs and look a bit more in-depth at what they have brought, how they have shaped and where they fit in this big crazy genre, we call horror. 

So sit back, turn off the lights, grab a pillow to hide behind and let’s talk horror movies. 


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