London Film Comic Con and Young Adult Literature Convention


After attending MCM London in 2017, my best friend and I were desperate to go to another convention. We’d had the best time, met Hayley Atwell and Andrew Scott, bought a metric tonne of Funko’s, comics, t-shirts, played Count The Storm Trooper Cosplay, and generally had a fantastic weekend. 

YALC- Young Adult Literature Convention

So, when we found out about YALC, we were so utterly ready to go. We’re both massive book nerds, how could we not go to the Young Adult Literature Convention? Especially when it backed onto London Film Comic Con? 

But, we had no money (we kind of spent all of it in 2017 MCM… no regrets), so we decided to skip it in 2018. 

The line up of the century 

Then, in 2019, the guest list was announced. V. E. Schwab, author of the Shades Of Magic trilogy, the Villains Duology, and countless others. Derek Landy, author of Skulduggery Pleasant. Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl. The list went on and on, ticking off some of our all time favourite authors. 

So, on July the 26th, we headed to London, for two days of book buying, comic book hunting, and general fun. And boy did we have it! 

We met so many of our favourite authors (V.E Schwab for us both, Derek Landy for me, Juno Dawson, Alice Oseman and many, many others for her), bought a suitcase full of books, comics, and general goodies each (and that was on day one, day two was slightly more controlled… slightly.). And, because YALC’s floor in Olympia also backed onto the celebrity green room for LFCC, we saw several actors on our travels! 

Highlights included:

  • Derek Landy said he liked my green hair. I’ve absolutely adored his series, Skulduggery Pleasant, since I was a child, to the point where I even cosplayed as Valkyrie for a dress up day at school. And then he likes my hair? Excuse me while I fangirl for a LONG time! 
  • Meeting V. E. Schwab, she was so lovely, and it was a dream come true for her to sign my Darker Shade Of Magic special edition.
  • Watching Zachary Quinto (Spock himself!) wandering around. I’m a big fan of the new Star Trek movies, seeing Zach was incredible.
  • Walking past Tom Ellis and Ben Barnes’ signing queues, catching sight of both. I’m a massive fan of Lucifer and Westworld, so even though I only caught a glimpse of them both, I left feeling all giddy. And yes, they’re both better looking in real life, which I didn’t think was possible. 
  • Watching Colin Baker himself walk past the TARDIS and a bunch of Daleks. Everyone around him, including myself, went absolutely dead silent as he walked past, as we all tried to figure out if he was actually Colin Baker, or if he was a very convincing cosplayer. Turns out, it was actually him! I couldn’t believe it! Colin Baker, the ACTUAL Doctor, walking past the TARDIS! 
  • Finding the motherload of comics at A Place In Space. A lot of people probably already know about them, as they are the largest comic seller in England, but I’d never heard of them before (I’m a very bad comic fan). But, we must have spent an hour each day at their stall, slowly going through all of their available boxes, picking out everything of interest. I ended up finding Thor, I Hate Fairyland, Descender, Exo-Sisters, The Death Of Captain America, Doctor Strange, and so many others! My already aching case nearly broke under the weight of the comics I picked up in the end! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on their Ebay store from now on! 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

My God, the cosplayers!

We were originally going to cosplay as Magneto’s children, Polaris (me, hence the green hair) and Quicksilver (my best friend), but the heat was just too much in the end, so we went for comfortable clothing. But the people who braved the heat in their costumes were incredible. I saw several Ten and Thirteenth Doctor’s, Alien from Alien VS Predator (complete with sound effects), Belle from Beauty And The Beast, Doctor Strange, She-Hulk, Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Spiderman, Deadpool (including a Deadpool dressed as Marty McFly). 

Good Omens

Then, there were the Good Omens cosplayers. There were so many of them, I couldn’t believe how many there were! So many incredible people, dressed as some of my favourite characters of all time. Some were followed by Anathema Device, Shadwell and Madam Tracey (complete with the gun), some had folding wings, some were carrying a doll of the Antichrist as a baby. I loved the creativity of it all and got rather jealous, if I’m honest, of their outfits. I wish I could be as good as them at cosplaying as Crowley! 

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend, one that I will never forget! I had the best time, found some incredible stores, saw some amazing cosplay, and spent far too much money for my own good!

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