Lost Time Issues 1-3 Comic Book Review

Lost Time Issues 1-2 Comic Book Review

Creator: JWC

Time heals all…

Lost Time is a series of one-shot, self-contained stories within beautiful, stained glass covers. Each issue takes the painful truths of loss, love, and separation and renders them far more softly and sweetly than real life ever cared to. Within issues 1-3, it takes us through three entirely different worlds and on three different journeys. That isn’t to say, however, that these stories have no common denominator…


Lost Time: You Were Perfect (#1)

Issue 1, You Were Perfect introduced us to Delilah, a girl so plagued by her past that it is hindering her present and future. Cool, wistful blues and scratchy, inky blacks leave no doubt that You Were Perfect is an exposition of loss and grief. Coupled with the delicate forget-me-not motif throughout, You Were Perfect gently takes our hand and guides us through Delilah’s world as she comes to terms with it herself.

Forget me, Forget-me-not


Lost Time: The Grown-Up Game (#2)

Bathed in milky pinks (always a winner for me, you know this), Issue 2 brings us Joel and his family. After gaining custody of a long-lost child, Joel must learn to adapt to this new family dynamic. With a host of new characters and a new story, we are also treated to a whole new art style. This time, we have a soft-focus, warmer nostalgia – but nostalgia nonetheless. Despite its differences from Issue 1, it is still very clear that The Grown-Up Game deals with similar themes; It just holds them differently. Word to the wise, don’t read this one in public or you will make a scene when you get teary-eyed in a cafe. Trust me.



Lost Time: Menagerie (#3)

Issue 3 is awash with luscious greens and brings us some of the most beautiful artistic page layouts I have had the fortune of reading. In Menagerie, we meet Wren, a girl desperate to venture into the outside world, despite her grandfather’s protestations. Differences abound once again between this issue and its predecessors, but there is no doubt that these three comics are cut from the same cloth. Menagerie sees issues of control, manipulation, and autonomy all put under an emerald magnifying glass. You’ll feel better for examining them, I promise.

Take me to the Emerald City


Let’s not waste time…

It’s a skill to be able to render three different stories and worlds in a way that maintains a thread of familiarity and JWC nails it. Each issue of Lost Time makes you feel like you are a fly on a kaleidoscopic wall. Deeply personal and yet wildly relatable, Lost Time offers a catharsis you didn’t know you needed. Make sure you don’t waste any time in picking these up.

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