Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review – A Magical Experience

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Formats: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Next Level Games

Release Date: October 31, 2019

Who you gonna call? Luigi! 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo, is the sequel to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and the seventh Mario game in which Luigi is the main star. And boy, does he come out shining bright this time. So much so you may even exclaim “Mario who?”. Released just in time for Halloween on October 31, 2019, Luigi’s Mansion 3 offers a whirlwind of ghostly shenanigans entwined with some of the best Nintendo Switch gameplay I’ve come across this year.

Our scaredy-cat hero Luigi and friends set off on a vacation together. However, they have obviously forgotten to check in with Trip Adviser first as the hotel they are staying at, appropriately named the Last Resort Hotel, looks just like the Bates Motel. Naively, Luigi, Mario, Peach, and the three Toads trot into their doom, only to find themselves captured in paintings. The only one who can save them is the chicken-livered Luigi.

He is the bravest in all of the mansion

What I love most about Luigi is that he is absolutely terrified of everything, but does he turn on his heels and leg it out of there? No, he faces his fears and the ghosts of this haunted and eerie hotel with gusto. Even though his knees are knocking and I’m pretty sure he may have had an accident in his pants a few times. In saying that, Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t scary. There are funny jump scares and if you’ve got a fear of spiders, there’s a few you encounter. However, other than that, it’s a family suitable adventure for those aged 7 and up.  It makes for an amazing bonding experience. I played this solo but you can have a friend hop in on either couch co-op or online co-op. Which, can only heighten the entertainment factor throughout the gameplay.

Luigi's mansion screen shot nintendo

The Ghostbusters but with Luigi!

Getting into the story you will notice that King Boo is once again the bane of Luigi’s nightmare fuelled rescue attempt. Thanks to the hotel owner Hellen Gravely, who released the pain in the bum back into the world. As you make your way across the 16 floors in search of your friends, you come across a whole host of ghouls that you must defeat! Luckily for you, Professor E. Gadd is here to help by equipping Luigi with a ghostbusting vacuum aka the Poltergust G-00.

This is when things get really entertaining because to catch a ghost, you first dazzle the poor sod with your torch and then suck them completely into your nifty device. The process is relatively simple even though it can take a little bit of dancing around to get the job done but once you do, it’s incredibly satisfying.

Luigi's mansion screen shot nintendo

Luigi's mansion screen shot nintendo

Don’t forget that your vacuum can also be used to suck up curtains and bedding from the dozens of hotel rooms you enter which holds a mass of shiny treasures for you to save up and buy things from the shop at Professor E. Gadd’s laboratory. I also found that you can find coins everywhere so don’t be afraid to go nail and hammer on all those nooks and crannies! One of the most delightful additions to Luigi’s Mansion 3 is Gooigi – Luigi’s green jelly twin that pops out to help in your hour of need. Notice a pipe that’s too small to fit through? Gooigi can fit perfectly since he has no bones and has the structure of a jellyfish. It is a little unsettling but he makes the puzzle aspect of the game more whimsical and I guess he’s kind of cute – in a strange way.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 game play and graphics 

The graphics in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are a kaleidoscope of beauty that pops straight from the beginning and in my opinion, the best graphics currently on the Nintendo Switch. Coupled with the impressive animation and the acute attention to detail, this game was an absolute pleasure to play. Not only were the controls straight forward and easy to use, the casual difficulty level in place meant that it was more than enough for younger players to get the hang off while not being overly easy for the older, more experienced gamer to then become bored with.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 left me excited to see where the series goes next and if you were wondering if you should pick this up or not, please just stop reading this now and buy it – you will not be disappointed.


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