Luna The Shadow Dust Video Game Review

Luna The Shadow Dust

Developer:Lantern Studio

Release date: 13 Feb 2020

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/ Steam

Genre: Puzzle, Strategy

Our Rating: ★★★★★

Luna the Shadow Dust, in the 11 or so months since I first played has managed to do the impossible, and become even more charming.

Behind the veil of reality, lies an enchanted world. When the world lost its balance, it fell upon a boy to take on an unexpected journey. Until the moon rises again, the order of the world will not be restored. One can not go back in time to correct his mistake. Whatever happened is irreversible… or is it? Together with our main character and his mysterious new friend, you experience an unique adventure that requires both courage and determination. Enter the ancient tower that stands at the edge of world, help the character bring back his lost memories and find out the darkest secret beyond the tower itself.


Captivating art style and tricky puzzles

Luna the Shadow Dust is an entirely hand drawn, hand animated point and click puzzle adventure. It is an early Ghibli, Where the Wild things are style does not disappoint. With a beautiful picture book art-style but it does not feel childish. We are certainly not patronised, Luna The Shadow Dust’s puzzles are hard to crack. They are real head scratches and carefully considered. There was more than one moment where I ‘a-ha’d out loud! The puzzles are different enough to keep each level interesting and unique.
The art style of Luna The Shadow Dust was what first pulled me over to the Lantern Studio table at Rezzed 2019, but it was the game play, the soundtrack and the quiet calm that I was carried along in that kept me following Lantern Studio’s progress. You will be transported to another world, I can not recommended enough enjoying Luna The Shadow Dust with headphones. The soundtrack is considered and beautifully composed, it ebbs and flows with the on screen visuals. The cut scenes are some of the most cinematic and emotive that I’ve seen in recent years.

Luna The Shadow Dust is not a game you will sink months of your life into, but it is no less an epic adventure.

Something that really struck me about Luna The Shadow Dust is how accessible it is. There is no dialogue, no speech at all. Now, this is not a hindrance at all. Instead we navigate through the levels switching control from one character to the other. Each character is able to do different things and you really make use of that within the game play. I don’t want to give too much away, but some of the puzzles involving shadows are utter genius!
Another thing in Luna The Shadow Dust that is immensely refreshing, is the total lack of combat. There is some peril and danger, but at no point are we dragged from the immersion to fight enemies. Luna The Shadow Dust is an exploration adventure and that is what you do. Explore.

Luna The Shadow Dust
The stained glass windows are just beautiful

Luna The Shadow Dust is available from today!

I felt that alongside PC, Luna The Shadow Dust would be perfectly at home on platform like the Nintendo Switch. The room by room sequential game play is perfect for pick up and play- that is if you can put it down in the first place.
There is so much love and imagination in Luna. It is a real triumph and a credit to the whole dev team. Mark my words, Luna The Shadow Dust will be a strong front runner for Indie game of the year 2020.

You can pick up your copy today from: Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Mac App Store, and other online stores.

Go pick it up and fall in love. This is combat free, de-stress gaming at its absolute best.

About the developers

Founded in 2015, Lantern Studio is a small creative indie game design team of four: Beidi Guo (Art Director), Fox (Project Manager), Wang Guan (Programmer) and Wang Qian (Music Composer). LUNA The Shadow Dust is their first game.

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