Marianne Review

Marianne- Review of the Netflix original

Program creator: Samuel Bodin
Genres: Horror fiction, Drama
Available on: Netflix


A famous horror writer who is lured back to her hometown discovers that the evil spirit who plagues her dreams is now wreaking havoc in the real world.

 spoilers for Marrianne beyond this point!

She’s got it all 

Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois) has it all: A successful career as an author, international fame, a loving partner, and a pretty sweet life. However, that quickly changes as soon as she officially ends her novel series based on her childhood nightmares in the Netflix series, Marianne.

Greeted by one of her childhood best friends at a book signing, Emma must now go to her hometown to discover her childhood-nightmare-antagonist Marianne is now living in the body of said friend’s mother. Now Emma must either kill Marianne or continue to write the novel series so nobody gets hurt.

Marianne…we’ve seen this before

I may not be a horror expert, but I feel like the whole “write or die” scenario is boring at this point. So as I see it, one of three outcomes will happen, Emma writes and life goes back to normal (albeit kinda boring, but it’s safe), Marianne kills all of Emma’s friends and family and that forces her to write, or Emma attempts to kill Marianne. Unsurprisingly, a combination of option two and three happen.

The more time Emma spends in her home town, the worse things get. Who dies, who’s baby gets stolen, who gets possessed by Marianne, each episode is filled with predictable “plot twists” that I found incredibly boring to sit through. As a series, there’s not much to look at, it’s all psychological. In fact, we don’t see what Marianne actually looks like until the final episode of the season. To be truthful, I found the fifteen-year-old friend drama more interesting than the actual horror aspects of the series.

Victoire Du Bois

Emma is a dick

Emma as a character is an absolute mess. To put it short, she’s a dick. She’s awful to her assistant. She blows off her partner so much that he leaves her. Emma then attempts to wreck her friend’s marriage all because of some unfulfilled teenage desire, and to top it all off, she’s avoidant as hell. I’m all for a realistic character that’s a little bit of a jerk, but when it’s this bad, I find myself more focused on hating the character than enjoying the show. Of course, her back story includes some redemption, but for me, it was already too late.

Marianne- both dubbed and subbed

It’s worth mentioning that the series itself is set in France, thus being in French. Usually, when it comes to series, I’d rather watch them in their original language. I’m down for reading subtitles, but I know not everybody is. Keeping that in mind, I watched the series both in the original French and in English. For my dub friends, skip it. The dub feels like somebody muted the audio, and then people just spoke over it. Lips don’t match up with words, the voice actors have minimal emotion, and in my opinion, the voices don’t match up with the characters.

For my sub-reading friends, the acting is pretty convincing, and the tone of voice is pretty well done.

Final thoughts 

All plot points aside, Marianne is completely washed out and cliche, despite this being its first season. If you’re into creepy children’s nursery rhymes, bogus demon jump scares, and 30-year-olds still holding on to 15-year old grudges from high school, then Marianne is the series for you.


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