Metalshark Bro- Sharp Toothy fun!

Metalshark Bro- You’re a good bro

Written by Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe

Art by Walter Ostlie 

Edits and Lettered by Chas! Pangburn

Publisher: Scout comics

Cover A by Walter Ostlie

Cover B by Jake Smith

What to expect, when you don’t know what to expect?

I honestly was not sure what to expect when I sat down to read Metalshark Bro, it is pretty far removed from the normal comics I pick up/ we get sent to us for reviews. HOWEVER, I absolutely loved it, every single second had me grinning like an idiot, I have not had this much fun reading a comic in ages.

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What on earth is a Metalshark Bro? 

Right so, imagine you are just a great white shark, doing your thing. Swimming round the ocean chomping on folks, trying to help divers who are stuck in cages and helping little fish find Sydney harbour. When suddenly, you eat the wrong dude get into a fight with Satan’s nephew and before you know it you’ve got two skinny legs in place of your big bad swishy fishy tail! That my friends; is what happens to our protagonist Metalshark Bro. 

Now despite his douchey bro-like appearance, Metalshark is a pretty decent guy…guy? decent shark? decent shark-man. He goes about fulfilling his end of the bargain with unyielding determination and laser focus, even making friends along the way! Only to find he is betrayed! Which, let’s be real is not all that surprising seeing as he made a deal with the devil’s nephew.

In, the interest of keeping this review as spoiler free as possible I am not going to tell you anymore about how Metalshark Bro gets on! But, instead I want to highlight the genuine, wonderful elements that make up this tail.. okay sorry.

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Metalshark Bro’s visuals are totally my kind of visuals they are bold, brash, and so perfectly in line with the narrative. The panels where Metalshark Bro is still in shark form at the beginning are so wonderfully murky and ominous; It is like seeing Jaws in panel form. The design of the original shark is tangible and meaty; it looks so true to life you can see how much time and effort Walter Ostlie has put in. 

Panel after panel I devoured the colours, the lines and the vibrancy, even in the darker panels the tone is perfectly set through the use of moody colours and harsh lines. It is like a grown up, bloody and dangerous Disney movie, with fascinating characters and illustrations and colours which are a feast for the eyes. 


Metalshark Bro’s narrative is both original and incredibly imaginative; we are whisked along on this crazy journey with our toothy protagonist and his new ocular sidekick whilst they battle the forces of evil in their quest for justice! 

As I mentioned earlier, Metalshark Bro is a genuinely likeable kinda guy, he is not without his flaws like his enjoyment of killing all sorts of people and even eating their hearts… but you can’t really blame him for any of that; I mean he is a shark after all. 

Alongside the action at the forefront of the tale is a wonderful tale about an alliance between the king of Hell and the leader of a well-recognised Religious faction. I found those panels to be particularly interesting and look forward to seeing how that tenuous relationship fares in future issues. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 15.39.17.png
I shall now be answering all my calls as ‘Go for Satan”

Final thoughts

Metalshark Bro is an absolute riot, I’ve not had this much fun reading a comic in the longest time. I was instantly transported back to watching Saturday morning cartoons on Cartoon Network as a kid! For me, Metalshark Bro was like Street Sharks or Biker Mice From Mars. Don’t get me wrong this is not a comic for your kids, this is a comic for grown ups that won’t just bring some genuine laugh out loud moments, but also some seriously good and bloody fights! Metalshark Bro tugs perfectly on that nostalgic part of my brain that yearns for a larger than life hero, his sidekick and the crazy adventure they go on. To sum up, Metalshark Bro is totally rad.

To pick up your own copy, and frankly, why would you not follow this link.

Hit the link below to find out more info on a possible meet up and signing opportunity or keep up to date with them on Facebook

Third Eye RVA: Metalshark Bro #1 signing with Kevin Cuffe & Bob Frantz!





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