Milky Issue 1 and 2 Comic Review

Milky Issue 1 and 2

Written and lettered by: Joshua Saxon
Art by Giab Fernando
Colours by DC Alonso
Producers: Helke Jonkman, Matti Viren, Karim Imad Mounib, Paul McErlean, Shaheen Samavati, Michelle Drum Inman

Let’s not cry over spilt milk

Vikinder Singh is a milkman and all round good egg.

It may have been a case of the wrong place wrong time for Milky, but for everyone else, thank god he was there,
Milky is an everyday hero and his stead? An electric milk float, not as speedy but just as noble.

Milky is out on his usual delivery route, dropping of milk to the very colourful local people of his town when suddenly, aliens attack. Milky fends off the aliens with help from his grumpy teen pal Ghost, and later, some of the locals. It’s loud, its colourful, it is brash and its choc-full of dairy goodness.

A milkman with zero self-esteem leads the misfit residents of Crafton Hill in a daring rescue when his lifelong crush is abducted by aliens…

There is a strong vein of nostalgia that runs through Milky, from the dialogue down to Milky the milkman. It reaches deep into my British suburban heart and reminds me of easier, simpler times, well until the alien soldiers turn up that is.
Both issue 1 and 2 are full of life, action and humour. A pretty dry sense of humour, that had me tickled It is crudely funny and something I found immensely enjoyable.

The design of the aliens is certainly full of imagination, they are a mixture of a dragon and a lizard but on two legs. They all speak really good English and have surprisingly sparkling wits!
Milky might be the hero of the series, however, Lucy is my personal hero. Fearless, feisty and fed up of men’s bullshit. Whether they are human or alien, she does not have time for their nonsense. She is heavy with flaws but he is full of spirit.
I did not know what to think when Josh first sent Milky over to me. As like other reviewers, we get sent such a broad range of comics from all over the world and backgrounds. But, Milky did not disappoint, it’s a riotous comic with a lot to say!
It is funny, crude and full of action and I can not wait to see more!

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